Phillipa Soo Joins Shining Girls Series

Emmy Award nominee Phillipa Soo, best known for her work on “Hamilton,” will be joining the cast of the original Apple TV series + Shining Girls. Apple continues to bet on quality, it continues to bet on the incorporation of actresses and actors that give a real boost to Apple’s entertainment division.

Shining Girls, Directed by Michelle MacLaren, Elisabeth Moss and Diana Reid and composed of 8 episodes, it will have from this moment on a new actress who will give wings to the series and will increase its quality. We are talking about Phillipa Soo, the Emmy Award nominee in the category of Best Supporting Actress in a Series Musical category of 2021 for her role in Hamilton. In this way, he joins the winner of that award, Elisabeth Moss, who is in charge of directing the third and fourth episodes.

Shining Girls is described as a metaphysical thriller about time travel. Based on the best-selling 2013 novel by Lauren Beukes, The story revolves around a Depression-era wanderer who discovers a key to a house that opens to different eras in Chicago’s history. However, to travel through the portal, you must murder women.

Elisabeth Moss will star in the series as Kirby, a reporter who survived an assault in the 1980s and is now pursuing her attacker. Soo will star alongside Moss as Jin-Sook.

A good choice for the series, that if it is as good as the book, we will have entertainment and good for a while. We assume that it will be so at least for the people who are in the cast of the production.

We still do not know the expected date for its premiere, although it is still maintained that it is likely to arrive on Apple TV + before the end of this year, at least the first episode.

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