Photoshop now works magic with your photos much more easily

Adobe has held its Adobe MAX conference to show the world all the news about its products, and of course, as expected Photoshop was going to be one of the great protagonists. And it has been due to the amount of news it has left behind, highlighting the ease with which users can modify their photos by applying editing effects that, a priori, could be very complex for the less advanced.

Forget about trimming

One of the functions that has caught our attention the most is the new tool for object selection and automatic masking, since we will only have to pass the mouse over it to cut an element of the photo. The function still has a lot to improve with its Sensei AI, but for now the results are quite surprising.

Automatic masks


If what you want is to go separating elements to treat them independently, nothing better than the new automatic masks function, which will separate the objects in the scene into different independent masks so that you can treat them separately with a simple click.

Pure witchcraft: neural filters

But if there is something that many users will know how to take advantage of, it is the Neural Filters function that, although it was released last year, now comes much more optimized, and with the incorporation of three new ones that will attract a lot of attention:

  • Landscape Mixer: Mix two images to get a new image of a completely artificial landscape. You can place people and objects in other places, and with the help of artificial intelligence, you can change the season and even the time of day with a simple click.


  • Color transfer: Apply the color tone to your photo with a completely different image as a reference. So you can match the color temperature and make one photo look like another in seconds.


  • Harmonization: It mixes two images and automatically adjusts the tone and lighting so that the final image feels natural and without color unevenness.


Photoshop for the iPad also improves


Considering the potential offered by current iPad models, the possibilities of having a version of Photoshop on this device are endless. For this reason, Adobe continues to work on offering an increasingly complete version, and now has integrated features such as compatibility with the Camera RAW plug-in, ideal for those photographers who need mobility and the ability to edit their photos on the go.


Smart objects have also been included, with which to convert layers into this type of object to group and organize, always being able to transform them without changing or losing pixels; And also as a novelty, the controls for Dodge and Burn have been included with which to lighten and darken areas of the image quickly and easily without too many complications (such as adjustment layers, curves and blending modes).


Photoshop makes the leap to the web


Another great announcement around Photoshop is related to the web, and is that, for the first time, Photoshop will offer a version for Chrome and Edge that we can use online and collaboratively. In beta form, this peculiar version will allow us to edit PSD files from a browser, as well as make comments and basic edits without the need to install any type of software.

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