Play Street Fighter and other Capcom games for free with this official online emulator

Capcom games emulator online

While some companies like Nintendo attack and knock down any type of project related to their games (regardless of how old they are), it seems that Capcom is willing to help the youngest see their old glories first hand. And nothing better for that than giving free emulators to everyone.

Free NES and SNES games from the browser

capcom 40th anniversary

Capcom Town is an official portal for Capcom celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company in many ways. For example, we can visit a virtual museum where we can discover sketches and design plans for games as mythical as resident Evil, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Street Fighter and many other games, or also get to know the CEO of the company and his mythical career or, to top it all off, enjoy the company’s mythical games completely free and from your browser.

That is just what we can do if we enter the Retro Games section, since it will be there where we can take a look at some NES and SNES games (also with their respective Famicom and Super Famicom versions).

Mega Man, Street Fighter and Final Fight

Basically, it is these three games that are available through the web, being able to play the respective NES versions (Megaman and mega man 2) and SNES (Street Fighter II, end fight and Mega Man X). It is therefore the first time that we see these games in a completely open and free way so that players can play them without problems online.

The profile of each game is so complete, that the brand has even included the original scanned manuals, so you will also be able to keep an eye on these valuable documents (completely valuable in a time when there were no tutorials or instructions on the screen) .

Can the games be downloaded?

As expected, no. The games are only playable from a browser by accessing the Capcom Town page, and it works on both desktop and mobile. We do not know if this initiative will be maintained for a long time or if it has an expiration date, so you better make the most of it while it is available. Are you able to complete both NES Mega Man?

Fountain: Capcom Town

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