PlayStation buys Housemarque and it might not be the last summer purchase

Housemarque comes to PlayStation Studios

The creators of the successful and newly released Returnal, have fallen into the warm arms of PlayStation, as the company has announced through a statement from Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, that the Housemarque studio will become part of the Sony studio group from now on.

Game creators like Super Stardust HD, Dead nation or the spectacular Returnal which hit the stores last April, Housemarque will continue to demonstrate its potential with technical and financial support with the idea of ​​launching new IPs that continue to expand the PlayStation game offering.

Ilari Kuittinen, Co-founder and Managing Director of Housemarque, commented on the following about the alliance:

Today is a great day for Housemarque, and it has been a process of more than 26 years. Our strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment began with Super Stardust HD on PS3 and since then we have created arcade-inspired games for all PlayStation platforms. With Returnal for PS5, the most recent release, our biggest foray into third-person shooter games to date solidified our voice and brand in the industry to deliver quality, unique player experiences.

We are so excited to finally join the PlayStation Studios family! This gives our studio a clear future and a stable opportunity to continue offering games focused on playability while continuing to experiment with new methods of narrative proposals and pushing the limits of what this modern art form can offer. Locally, here in Helsinki, this also means that we will officially expand the PlayStation family in pursuit of a growing industry and secure the legacy of Finland’s oldest video game studio.

Finally, what does this mean for our fans? At Housemarque we are gamers, and we have grown from the need to perfect and play with the facets of the games that we have found most fascinating. At the end of the day, we have always been known to go our own way and try new combinations. With the backing of SIE and its family of studies supporting us, we can truly grow our place within the industry and show what Housemarque can create without limitations. We can’t wait to show you all what’s in store for years to come, and we look forward to ushering in more lasting memories and exciting titles for the next quarter century and beyond.

But there could still be more purchases

PlayStation Studios

The most interesting thing about the announcement is that an error caused by the official Twitter account of PlayStation Japan announced the arrival of Housemarque with the wrong image. The error was due to the fact that they used an extremely similar image, with the difference that instead of using the Housemarque logo, an image with the logo of Bluepoint games. What exactly happened?

What happens is that Sony Japan could have revealed one of the rumors that have been sounding the most in recent weeks, since it was said that Bluepoint games would become part of the PlayStation Studios collection of studios. At the moment neither PlayStation nor Bluepoint have commented anything about it, so the oversight has stayed there.

Of course, the PlayStation account deleted the publication in a matter of seconds, but none of that has served so that the most savvy could have a copy of the tweet as a backup, so taking into account the company’s backwardness, it is possible that said announcement happens sooner or later, so the portfolio of PlayStation Studios will be expanded soon.

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