PlayStation Plus: PC players will have to pay twice as much to play in streaming

Yesterday, Sony unveiled its three new PlayStation Plus plans, which are meant to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. In addition, the Premium option includes PlayStation Now, which allows streaming from another device. Problem, it is twice as expensive as the subscription to the service. Very bad news for PC gamers.

For some time, Sony is making eyes at PC gamers. For a long time very reluctant to make its PS4 and PS5 exclusives available on other platforms, the publisher has finally launched a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. But, with the announcement yesterday of its brand new PlayStation Plus formulas, the latter took a big step back.

Indeed, after several months of rumors, Sony has finally formalized its Spartacus project, which is ultimately only an overhaul of its PlayStation Plus offer. Three new subscriptions are on the agenda: Essential, Extra and Premium. Nothing out of the ordinary so far… except for one detail: during the deployment of this new offer, in June, PlayStation Plus will merge with PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now is going, streaming game costs twice as much

And that’s the rub. Currently, the PlayStation Now subscription costs €9.99/month. So you would think that to harm no one, Sony has integrated its streaming game service into its cheapest offer, PlayStation Plus Essential, at €8.99/month. But it is nothing. To continue playing in streaming, you will need to subscribe to the Premium subscription… at €16.99/month.

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This is very bad news for PC gamers. To date, the only way for them to discover PS4 and PS5 exclusives is PlayStation Now. If they want to continue using the service, they will therefore have to pay €16.99/month, i.e. almost twice as expensive as their current subscription. All to have access to features that they will not be able to use.

Sony still leaves an ounce of hope, stating that users of PlayStation Now “will upgrade to PlayStation Plus Premium at no additional cost as soon as the new service becomes available. » That being said, it seems unlikely that it will last more than a month.

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