PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023

sony will release playstation 2 vr2 the February 22, 2023 at the reference price of €599.99 for the Eurozone. As its name indicates, it is the second generation of the Japanese company’s virtual reality headset, which this time is aimed at its next-generation console: PlayStation 5.

Of course, although PlayStation VR2 will be launched on the market on February 22, 2023, reservations will open on November 15, 2022 from the PlayStation online store in markets such as France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. Among the catalog that will take advantage of the virtual reality helmet is Horizon Call of the Mountaina title set in the same universe as the Horizon saga that can be reserved from the end of this month (at least in the United States), in addition to the virtual reality mode of Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Y No Man’s Skywhich add to virtual reality versions of titles of starwars Y The Walking Dead.

PlayStation VR2 promises to be a significant improvement over the previous model, as it will incorporate a OLED display, a 110-degree field of view, 4K HDR support, and a 120Hz refresh rate. The helmet will have four cameras integrated into the front of the screen to avoid the configuration of external cameras to monitor movement. It will also be able to follow the movement of the eyes, or at least it is hoped that it will be able to do so.

Along with the case will come the Sense controls, which include adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and can detect finger touches. The controls are included in the same packaging as the helmet, but the charger for your batteries will be sold separately and will have a reference price of 49.99 euros in the Eurozone.

Sony wants PlayStation VR2 to have a good catalog to justify its acquisition, so it has announced 11 other new games in addition to those already mentioned: The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Cities VR – Enhanced Edition, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, The Light Brigade, Cosmonious High, Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, Pistol Whip VR, Zenith: The Last City, After the Fall Y tentacular.

As we can see, Sony seems to have everything ready to promote virtual reality for PlayStation 5, however, we will see if in the end the prices that many consumers see are really the ones advertised, since we live in a rather turbulent context in which speculators take advantage of the least chance to try to make a killing.

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