POCO’s first watch is coming and it won’t come alone

The launch of POCO’s first watch is just around the corner and promises not to leave any interested party indifferent, judging by the brief but intense history of the Xiaomi division and the images that have already been leaked on the Internet and that have forced the company to confirm that the product is already here, in a much more succinct way, yes.

It will be next April 26, next Tuesday, when the first POCO watch will be unveiled, called without pretense POCO Watch, although the truth is that it will not be the star of a day that was already reserved to present the POCO F4 GT, the new high-end phone from the Chinese company. However, the POCO watch is the most interesting article a priori, due to its novelty.

In essence, if the POCO F3 GT was little more than a rebranding of the Redmi K40, everything seems to indicate that the POCO F4 GT will be the same for the Redmi K50G, a smartphone focused on gaming power that moves away from the more accessible and attractive aspect of the POCOs. Everything is a bit of little and the new POCO watch will go in the latter direction.

As can be seen, the company’s confirmation that the first POCO watch is about to fall leaves much to the imagination, except for the date and that this will not be their day, but that of the POCO F4GT, true protagonist of the day. However, the POCO Watch will be, as stated in the published information, not only the first POCO watch, but one of “the first products of the POCO AIoT ecosystem”, which is no small thing (!).

Although the truth is that everything indicates that the POCO watch will take a path very similar to that of mobiles, judging by the images and specifications that have been leaked. That is, it will be very similar to the Redmi Watch 2 Lite launched at the end of last year, perhaps with a bit of refinement in its form and with a more adjusted price.

According to Digit, the POCO watch would have a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, with buttons on the right side and a 225 mAh battery, health sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen, notification management, etc.

This is what the POCO Watch will look like according to the aforementioned medium, although it will not take long to verify it. Also, there is a second leak that includes the POCO Buds, POCO’s first headphones for the international market, including a special edition based on the game Genshin Impactalthough it has not been specified if these will come out at the same time as the POCO clock or the POCO F4 GT.

The Xiaomi world is taking an increasingly considerable piece of the cake and POCO has part of the blame… or the merit, depending on how you look at it. We’ll see how they do with the POCO Watch, the POCO Buds and what comes after, something is sure to come.

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