Problems in Cyberpunk 2077 with AMD CPU? This patch is the solution

What is happening is that Cyberpunk 2077 does not take good advantage of the threads of AMD Ryzen processors. The role of the threads is that each core can do two tasks simultaneously, explained in a simple way.

The reason for this wastage would be the same as always: optimized for Intel. You should know that though Intel and AMD processor threads are quite different. Also, Ryzen has much less market share than the Core. This means that it is normally optimized more for some than for others.

That they have to be “random” people who solve the problem…

Many users when they installed cyberpunk 2077they noticed little load on your AMD Ryzen processors. They investigated and found that the game really I wasn’t taking advantage of the processing threads or SMT. Obviously, there is a significant performance loss from this event.

TheoreticallyCD Projekt Red corrects the problem with patch 1.05, and in a way, it is. What it does is optimize for the p4 core and 6 core processors. Unfortunately, the processors with 8 cores, 12 cores and 16 cores are still very underutilizedthe problem is not corrected.

cyberpunk performance 2077 amd ryzen

As we mentioned, the intel processors with its HyperThreading (name of the processing threads) do not suffer from the problem. The use is total, managing the load well and obtaining the best possible performance.

Given this, they have had to be users with programming knowledge who have created a patch that fixes it. It has been verified with a AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor 8 cores and 16 threads. Before installing the patch, most nuclei had a load less than 15%but after the patch all exceed he 60% use.

According to the comparison, with path tracing It happens 104FPS before the patch at 130fps after the patch. while with ray tracing It happens from 108 FPS to 137 FPS. We talked about this patch getting booted about 30% more FPS.

You can download the patch from here.

fps cyberpunk 2077 amd update

Isn’t there a developer studio that does things right?

Crazy how much extra performance you get with a patch developed by “four friends”. This puts CD Projekt Red in a pretty bad light, which also segments between first- and second-tier users. Therefore, the image of this excellent development study is somewhat overshadowed.

The sad thing is that it is something normal in the video game industry. Optimized for Intel and NVIDIA processors, whereas if you have AMD components, you get screwed. It should be optimized for everyone, since everyone pays for a copy of the game.

It’s the same as when you develop a game for console and import it for PC. Textures are not optimized, bugs are not corrected and the game in general is not optimized either, generating real botch jobs. Obviously, all this has a cost, but the games cost between 60-70 euros, which is a considerable amount of money for many users.

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