Netflix wants you to pay more, and removes its cheapest plans

The last few months have been difficult for Netflix users. The entertainment giant is carrying out certain practices that are somewhat difficult to understand. First of all, it has launched a plan with ads, more expensive than the ad-free plan, which forces you to see commercial offers before and during the playback of the content. Too a removed the ability to share accounts with friends, implementing a location system, and adding the possibility of paying a “pass” more expensive than the individual plan. And this has not ended here.

As usual, when Netflix tests a change to its service, it does so in certain markets, never the whole world at once. This way you can correctly measure the impact of the change and know if users accept it, or if you should redefine it before taking it to other countries. What is clear is that when there is a change in the service of any country, sooner or later it reaches all the other countries where the service is available. Tramadol

And, in Canada, Netflix just made a change that you’re not going to like.

Goodbye to Netflix’s “cheap” plan

Right now we have several plans to choose from. On the one hand we have the standard plan with ads, a plan that allows you to view content in Full HD in exchange for advertising and 5.49 euros per month. Then the basic plan, without ads but with worse quality. The Standard plan, for 12.99 euros per month, which allows you to see all the content, without ads, in Full HD quality. And the Premium plan, which provides 4K, spatial sound and 4 simultaneous devices for 17.99 euros per month.

netflix prices

Many people go for the basic ad-free plan, as it’s much more affordable and usually doesn’t make a difference. However, in Canada, the company has decided delete this plan, leaving only the standard plan with ads, the normal standard plan and the premium one. The basic plan cost CAD 9.99 per month, so the company leaves users in a sticky situation: either they pay CAD 4 less to see ads, or they pay CAD 7 more to remove ads and gain that quality “plus” offered by the standard editions.

And in Spain?

For now, Netflix is ​​going to closely monitor the impact of this change in Canada, seeing out of three possible options what people decide to do: either switch to the ad-supported plan, or upgrade to Standard, or opt out. Depending on the result, the company still adjusts the prices a bit so that users can make a better decision when it comes to switching.

But, be that as it may, everything indicates that this change will also take place in other countries. And there are many reasons to think that, Spain, will be one of the following. The first of them is that the plan with ads has been more successful than expected; the second, that the SD 720p quality is increasingly lagging behind; and the third that it is not necessary to have so many plans, and things are simplified with Full HD with/without ads or 4K.

We’ll see how long it takes for the basic plan to disappear here.

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