RTX 3000, RX 6000: the price of graphics cards drop slightly, a glimmer of hope for gamers?

The year 2022 begins with good news for gamers: in Germany, the price of graphics cards is down slightly. Despite everything, it remains very high: 189% of the recommended price for the RTX 3000 and 185% for the RX 6000. Not enough to jump to the ceiling, especially since prices could soar again.

It’s a Christmas present that arrives somewhat late. We might even hesitate to call it that, the difference is so small. But it is there: in this month of January 2022, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are slightly cheaper than in December. Indeed, according to 3DCenter data, the RTX 3000 are displayed at 189% of the recommended price, up from 191% last month. The RX 6000 go from 192% to 185% of the recommended price.

Should we claim victory for all that? Undeniably, no. First, this decrease was recorded in Germany, and does not necessarily represent the market situation at international level. What is more, we are still far from reaching suitable prices. If there is a drop, it is always necessary to count almost double the original price to hope to get your hands on a state-of-the-art model.

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Graphics card prices are falling, but for how long?

It is difficult, on top of that, not to be pessimistic about what will happen next. Indeed, last summer had already been an opportunity to see the price of graphics cards fall, thus injecting a lot of hope into the hearts of gamers. Unfortunately, barely two months later these resumed their bad habits by reaching new heights.

That being said, all is not lost. At CES 2022, Nvidia and AMD both presented very attractive entry-level models. The RTX 3050 from Nvidia and the RX 6500 XT from AMD are each aimed at gamers who don’t want to spend thousands on PC gaming while still enjoying decent performance. Without counting on the imminent arrival of the ARC Alchemist who may well redistribute the cards in the area.

graphics card prices january 2022
Credit: 3DCenter

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