Samsung is preparing an “ultra-large artificial intelligence system”

The artificial intelligence (AI) It has become the sector in which everyone wants to invest, especially seeing that it is what has allowed NVIDIA to surpass a trillion dollars in value on the stock market, and that with a domestic consumer market that has practically sunk for months. Because of that, it seems samsung it intends to go all in with the development of an “ultra-large AI system” that would rely on all the internal GPU resources at its disposal.

In the absence of official confirmation, Samsung would be using all the GPU resources to which it has access to boost its artificial intelligence systemwhich could have its initial debut during the course of the second half of 2023. This means that it can see the light in the summer that is just around the corner or delay until well into the fall or early winter.

The South Korean technology giant, according to the information that has been known, is allegedly working on a Large Language Model (LLM), so its intention would be to compete with the GPT models of OpenAI and Google’s Bard. We will see how it develops and how the sector is when the different competitors face each other, and this without ruling out the possibility that it ends up deflating, as happened with personal digital assistants a few years ago, which are still alive today. especially thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

artificial intelligence

It is important to note that none of this information has yet been officially backed, but it is plausible given the size and weight of Samsung in the technological arena and the apparent large room for growth that the artificial intelligence sector has at the moment. Like we have already said, AI has become a very sweet cakeespecially seeing that it has allowed NVIDIA to improve its stock market value despite the fact that graphics sales are quite low compared to past times.

What will the “ultra-large artificial intelligence system” Samsung is allegedly developing look like? It is possible that we will have the answer soon, and it is that although there is still no specific date, the South Korean corporation should not take too long if it does not want to lose the boat to its competitors.

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