Samsung S95B vs LG OLED C1: this image comparison shows the difference between both Smart TVs

One of the most anticipated Smart TVs is the Samsung S95B. The Korean manufacturer surprised when it presented its own QD-OLED technology to compete with LG’s OLED panels, also known as WRGB OLED. We know that Samsung has put all the meat on the grill so that this television offers the best image quality. But is there that much difference between QD-OLED and WRGB OLED? we bring you one Comparison of images between the Samsung S95B and the LG OLED C1 so you can see the leap in quality.

We have already seen some first impressions with the Samsung S95B and the result has been amazing, offering surprisingly high brightness levels, as well as superb image quality. And it seems that LG is going to have things very difficult this year if it wants to stand up to its rival.

It is true that this comparison is between the Samsung S95B and the LG OLED C1, a TV from last year. But considering that the LG OLED C2 will not improve the brightness level too much compared to its predecessor, we can get an idea of ​​the leap in quality offered by this new technology.

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Samsung S95B and LG OLED C1: the difference is remarkable

This comparison made by the YouTube channel Keep It Classy Tech shows the differences in terms of image quality between the Samsung S95B and the LG OLED C1and as you can see, the visual landscape offered by the first model sweeps its rival with ease.

To make things easier for you, we have made several screenshots so that you can see in detail the quality that Samsung’s first QD-OLED Smart TV offers. Note that the author of the video indicates that the recording loses detail due to the camera used, but even so we see that the difference is notable between both models.

LG OLED C1 (left) Samsung s95B (right)

The first image that we want to show you makes clear the differences between one model and another. While the LG OLED C1 on the left offers much duller tones, the Samsung S95B achieves a much more vivid color gamut, proving that the difference in terms of nits is palpable between both Smart TVs.

Samsung S95B vs LG OLED C1
LG OLED C1 (left) Samsung S95B (right)

Another example can be seen in this scene. The Samsung S95B offers a much higher level of detail, winning again in terms of brightness to position itself as a better choice than the WOLED technology of its historic rival.

Samsung S95B vs LG OLED C1
LG OLED C1 (left) Samsung S95B (right)

we go to one tricky scene, since the lighting is not exactly the most appropriate. In this case, the Samsung QD-OLED Smart TV again offers much more defined tones, being especially noticeable in the water.

Samsung S95B vs LG OLED C1
LG OLED C1 (left) Samsung S95B (right)

The last example that we want to show you is the one that heads these lines. We can see once again how in this comparison between the Samsung S95B and the LG OLED C1 QD-OLED technology once again shows muscle, offering more natural colors and a higher level of brightness.

As you may have verified, the Samsung S95B is going to position itself as one of the best televisions of 2022 thanks to a technology that is going to set a trend. Can LG with its rival? We will have to wait for Samsung’s QD-OLED TV to arrive in Europe to see it, but on paper, LG is going to have a very difficult time. Finally, we invite you to read our article where we break down the differences between the Samsung S95B and the Sony A95K so that you know why the Sony model is 600 euros more expensive than the Samsung one.

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