Movistar Plus+ click channels: what they are and how to access these temporary channels

Each television platform offers a very varied offer. And no one can deny that Movistar has a channel grid that is unfathomable. In addition to all the options to enjoy your service. And, as if that were not enough, from time to time they expand the offer available through the Movistar Plus+ click channels.

A content that is not available to all users of the platform and that will allow you to enjoy new content. The idea is similar to that of the guest channels on Vodafone TV, although with one notable difference.

In the case of Vodafone, these ephemeral channelss offer paid content for all platform customers. With this, its users can enjoy free payment channels for a limited time. In the case of the Movistar Plus+ click channels, they are also temporary but with differences.

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What are the Movistar Plus+ click channels

inside all the Movistar Plus+ offerwe find some temporary or ephemeral channels, where it groups content that is usually offered on demand in a continuous broadcast format.

For example, there may be a Movistar Plus+ click channel that is only focused on the films of the Jason Bourne saga. Or directly a click channel dedicated to a film director, broadcasting his main films.

These pop-up channels usually appear as an event starts. For example, before the imminent arrival of the last season of La casa de papel, Movistar Plus+ launched a click channel that was broadcasting all the seasons of the series.

We can define the Clic channels of Movistar Plus+ as a space that groups content of different themes to find a specific type of film. Be it action, romantic…

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Which clients can access the click channels

SD Movistar Plus+ channels

We have told you before that the Movistar Plus+ click channels have an important difference with the guest channels of Vodafone TV. And it is that, to access Telefónica’s television offer, you do have to meet some requirements.

For a start, the Cinema package is essential to be able to see the majority of click channels, since they are usually focused on movies. In addition, you cannot see the click channels through the app, it only works using the Movistar Plus+ UHD decoder.

In addition, the objective of the Movistar Plus+ click channels is not to offer exclusive content, but rather to recommend movies, so their content can be found either live or on demand for customers who have contracted the Cinema package.

Click channels available in Movistar Plus+ today

Movistar Plus+ click channel

Finally, we leave you with the list of click channels available on Movistar Plus+ today. Keep in mind that, as we have told you before, these dials are ephemeral, so sooner rather than later the content they offer will change.

  • Dial 29: Clic Cine: selection of films available in the Cinema package.
  • Dial 200: Oscar for film and director. Selection with the best films that have won an Oscar.
  • Dial 201: Click Matt Damon. Compilation with the best films of the well-known actor.
  • Dial 202: Click Women. Exclusive channel for feminist cinema.
  • Dial 203: Click French comedy. Exclusive channel with all kinds of comedy films that have succeeded in French cinema.
  • Dial 204: Click In time of war. Compilation with different war movies.
  • Dial 205: Click Fashion and cinema. Movies related to the world of fashion.
  • Dial 206: Click Very capable. A channel dedicated to gender diversity.
  • Dial 207: Click Adapted Books. Compilation channel with movies based on successful novels.
  • Dial 208: Click Horror movies. For lovers of the genre, a channel dedicated to horror movies.
  • Dial 209: Click José Luis López Vázquez. To celebrate the centenary of the famous Spanish actor, they have launched a click channel focused on the work of the great José Luis López Vázquez.

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