Selaco: A modern shooter made with the Doom engine

Think about using Doom as a basis for a 2021 game it may seem absurd, but the boys of Altered Orbit Studios they have succeeded in making a modern game called Selaco, which will give a hard time to the more “technological” FPS coming soon.

Using GZDoom, which brings numerous improvements to the engine created by Id Software, have managed to create a fast-paced, modern and certainly high-level shooter.

Selaco, the FPS based on the Doom game engine

The fact that Doom revolutionized the world of shooters is proven, but seeing a modern game made with the same graphics engine is a disconcerting thing, especially for the high quality shown by the gameplay trailer.

The developer team Altered Orbit Studios so he decided to undertake this project and create a modern FPS relying on GZDoom, the most modern port of the good old Doom, able to support more complex maps and graphic features in step with the times.

Although the structure of the base is the same as that of Doom, the work done by the developers is so high that the limitations that the source code could impose are not perceived in any way.

While the enemies are still 2D sprites, the animations and AI have been improved to the point where they are more realistic than many recent FPS.

The game’s story will see us take on the role of Dawn, battling fearsome invaders in Selaco’s underground facility. While defending the base, Dawn will explore the facility and discover its secret history. In addition to this, he will be able to use a multitude of weapons, including ice grenades, assault rifles, SMGs and nail guns.

Selaco it will also feature many graphic effects and 3D details, destructible environments, physics applied to objects and advanced lighting.

Unlike a lot of current FPS that try to recreate the nostalgic style of 90’s games, Selaco tries to use the tools of the past to give gamers something new and modern. The release date is still unknown, although the developers jokingly announced the game’s release for August 25, 2255.

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