Sharkoon launches 2 new chairs… for offices

sharkon It is a brand that we are used to with its gaming products, of medium or medium-high quality but almost always at quite cheap prices, and under its SKILLER family it has a multitude of products… but always oriented towards gaming. Interestingly, the manufacturer has announced today the launch of its first office chairsthe OfficePal C30 and C30M but… are you sure they are from the office?

Generally, gaming chairs have great ergonomics because they are designed for players to spend a large number of hours sitting in them, and they usually have that aggressive aesthetic typical of products classified as gaming. However, office products tend to have a much more sober and even minimalist aesthetic, and their design is more oriented towards functionality and even better ergonomics, which is why when we talk about office chairs they are almost always classified as simply ergonomic.

Sharkoon’s first office chairs

Both the OfficePal C30 and its variant C30M have been specially designed to work comfortably and productively, whether at home or in the office. For this reason, they have a breathable mesh structure and multiple ergonomic adjustment options, so that the user can always adjust the chair to the position that is most comfortable for them. As you can see in the following image, they are Sharkoon’s first office chairs, although they have been listed under “Gaming Chairs” on their website.

Sharkoon chairs

The Sharkoon OfficePal C30 has a classic black color, with a breathable mesh back and a traditional padded seat base. For its part, the OfficePal C30M is dark grey, and both the backrest and the seat are made of tensioned mesh, a design that distributes pressure better to ensure a light and ergonomic user experience. Leaving this aside, both chairs are identical and have the same functions.

Both chairs therefore have height and tilt angle adjustment (rocking), the backrest has five heights (it can also be adjusted) and flexible and adjustable armrests in 3D (they are not 4D, therefore). Both chairs are equipped with an integrated lumbar adjustment and a headrest adjustable in height and inclination, so they are suitable for users up to 1.90m tall.

An easy to reach and operate control mechanism with two rocker levers allows adjustment of the seat height and rocker function, which also has a locking function.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that both chairs incorporate smooth 60 mm wheels and are suitable for any type of floor, including stoneware, parquet or parquet, while their lifting piston is class 4 and supports up to 120 kg of weight.

Both chairs are already available in the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 229 euro (both cost the same), although it will take a few days to reach the main stores and distributors of the brand, such as Amazon or PcComponentes, where they should land in a few days.

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