Siri: iOS 15 bug lets Apple spy on all iPhone users

Apple has detected a new bug in iOS 15, this time involving Siri. Even if users refused to share their information with the Cupertino company, it still receives interactions with the voice assistant. The issue has since been resolved in the iOS 15.4 beta.

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It’s been almost a long time since iOS 15 had a bug. The launch of the operating system was however complicated to say the least. The problems have followed, from the touch screen which decides to no longer work to Spotify which ruins the battery of the iPhone. This time, it’s Siri who has some problems. Regularly accused ofspy on its usersthe voice assistant is unlucky to fall victim to a bug that does precisely that.

By opening Siri after the latest update, the user thus receives a notification asking him if he wishes to help Apple improve Siri’s services. To do this, however, he will have to agree to send the voice recordings of his interactions with the assistant. We bet without taking too many risks that a large part of the users declined this request. Problem : the bug in question still causes the recordings to be sent at Apple.

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Apple spies on Siri users who refused to share their data

Whether or not you refused to help Apple, the result will be the same, and this, without you realizing it. “With iOS 15.2, we disabled the Enhance Siri setting and dictation for many Siri users while we fixed a bug introduced with iOS 15″, explains the Cupertino company. “This bug inadvertently enabled the setting for a small portion of devices. »

Good news, however, if you fear for your personal data: Apple ensures that “Since the identification of the bug, we have stopped reviewing and are removing received audio files from all affected devices. » However, we advise you to download the latest iOS 15.4 beta, which definitely fixes the problem. Remember that Siri has already been the victim of a bug on iOS 15, which removed all voice commands for the visually impaired.

Source: ZDNet

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