Sniper Elite 5 announced: it will arrive in 2022

The development house Rebellion announced the arrival of Sniper Elite 5, the video game which sees us as a British special ranger during World War II. Specialty: sniper.

The return of Karl Fairburne will arrive simultaneously on all devices and platforms in 2022.

Sniper Elite 5 announced: it will arrive in 2022

France, 1944: this time our good Karl will be busy dismantling Operation Kraken, the Nazi plan to put the world in check by obtaining undisputed control of Europe even before the Allies can land on the Normandy coast. Together with the French resistance, we will have to eliminate the highest ranking hierarchs one by one to bring down the plan, until the final showdown.

Sniper Elite 5 will be the first game in the acclaimed Rebellion series for the next-gen console, and will arrive simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass (on Day One!), Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 & 5, Epic , Steam and Windows Store.

For now the developers have talked about a very vague “2022” but, from what we can see in the non-cinematic teaser trailer that you can also find above, it seems that the title is already in a rather advanced stage of development.

We really can’t wait to enjoy Sniper Elite’s legendary kill-cam designed for the next-gen, coming 5 years after the previous and splendid chapter of Karl Fairburne’s adventures.

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