VHS: unveiled the new role-playing game from Aces Games

After Unglorious, finalist for the 2021 Role Playing Game of the Year award, Aces Games recently announced the title of the new RPG that will join the family: VHS – Very Horror Stories.

And there is no better time than Halloween to reveal VHS because this RPG will be based on the atmospheres and clich├ęs of the films and stories that have made the history ofhorror.

Aces Games reveals the title of its new RPG: VHS

VHS is a horror-themed role-playing game inspired by classic genre films from the 70s-80s-90s such as Halloween, Hellraiser, The thing and many others.

Are you curious to know more? We too! But unfortunately not much has been revealed yet about this new game: to stay updated on the next news regarding VHS you can follow the site and the related Facebook group.

A cursed house, the basement of a psychiatric hospital, a village of religious fanatics lost in the mountains, a spaceship in which a parasitic alien has attacked. These and many others are the scenarios of VHS: commonplaces of our world more or less familiar to us. Places from which films and stories have taught us to stay away, where fears lurk … and Monsters. And it is the Monsters that you will be called (or most of the time forced) to face. Sometimes the Monster can be a demonic creature, a werewolf or a ravenous beast from outer space, other times it can be a coven of witches, a masked killer or a family with an ever-ready smile that keeps the pieces of the neighbors in a fridge in cellar.

But what can you ever do against them? How many times watching a movie have you shouted at the screen “don’t separate, you idiots!” or “it’s behind you!” or even “I wouldn’t have gone there even dead”? In VHS there will be no need to shout (at least not for this reason), because it will be you together with the other survivors (or if you prefer would-be victims) to face firsthand the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

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