Something is wrong with Doctor Strange in Spider-man: No way home

Doctor Strange, the architect of chaos

The arrival of the long-awaited trailer for Spider-Man: No way home it has finally let us know (well, more or less) how the plot of the film will unfold. We all knew that Peter parker would have a very difficult time after his identity was revealed and he was accused of killing Mysterio and we also knew the intentions of Marvel Studios to introduce us to the first ideas related to the alteration of time and space -in the cinema, of course, on the small screen we have already seen brushstrokes with the Wandavision series and with the plot of Loki.

Now we have been able to confirm how everything happens: our Spider-Man, overwhelmed by being in the spotlight, goes to Doctor Strange to ask him to cast a spell to help him turn back so that no one knows him. He agrees and from there everything is destabilized, something that has surprised many by the way of being of Stephen Strange.

And is that how is it possible that this superhero agrees to such a request without further ado?

Why does Strange help Peter Parker?

Doctor Strange is known for being a character who can boast of great temperance, responsibility and knowing perfectly well that magic is not played with. This collides head-on with your decision in Spider-man 3, where he does not hesitate to cast a spell to make everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Therefore, many fans have begun to theorize about possible scenarios that would explain their behavior. The first of them contemplates that Doctor Strange is actually Mephisto. If you remember well, already in Scarlet Witch and Vision the appearance of this great villain was expected, but finally we all were left with the desire.

It is now again believed that the film of the Spiderman would be the moment chosen by Marvel to introduce this character who would be posing as Stephen. Hence, he behaves so irresponsibly and at one point a sign is seen that refers to the demon -min 0:32.

Another option is that it is a variant. This concept would be closely related to Loki, where it was already introduced to talk about parallel worlds and time lines. This “version” of Doctor Strange would wear something different (hence the hoodie and coat) and be much more impulsive than the original, thus agreeing so easily to help Spider-Man. Also keep in mind that his house, the Sanctum, is frozen (inside only), which would indicate that something strange is happening.

Trailer Spider-Man: No way home

Finally there are those who believe that, despite everything, the one we see on screen is Doctor Strange and that he acts in a fully conscious way. Our Supreme Sorcerer He is able to see beyond and see the future, so he would have agreed to help Peter knowing what would happen, since in the end everything is necessary to unleash something greater -which we will see in the movie Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness .

And you, what theory do you prefer?

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