Find out everything you missed with the Spider-Man trailer for IMAX

A preview with more information

The discovery of the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home in IMAX format it unveiled a whole new world of possibilities – well, you know, that’s a saying. And it is thanks to him that we were able to rule out, for example, the participation of a character that it had been rumored for a long time and that in the “normal” advance it was not possible to see well.

We refer, as you know, to Daredevil, who we all believed would be in charge of representing Peter Parker after being accused of killing Mysterio. An image in which a man in a shirt and tie stood next to our protagonist made us bet on this theory -the style is similar to that of Matt Murdock-, however, the trailer in IMAX format did not help to discover what it was. of another actor who also appears in the trailer and who plays a police inspector.

Now, with the trailer in full, we can look at other similar details and thus entertain ourselves with new data related to the highly anticipated film.

Other details seen in the IMAX trailer

In addition to verifying, as we have already pointed out, that Daredevil will not finally be in the film -at least based on the images seen-, the people of The Direct It has been commissioned to highlight other details that can also be appreciated – especially if the normal trailer and the one prepared for IMAX are put face to face.

So for example we can see that Doctor Octopus He appears to be wearing the same belt (or at least similar) to the one seen in scenes from Spider-Man 2, which helps him manage his extra “arms.”

It is also possible to see a better image of the house of Doctor Strange, the Sanctum sanctorum, both in the lower and upper areas.

Spider-Man 3 IMAX

When Peter Parker enters the Mansion, you can also better appreciate the immensity of the room, again by better seeing both the floor and the upper area of ​​the window behind the Supreme Sorcerer.

Spider-Man 3 IMAX

Precisely of the Avenger you can better appreciate his outfit in the broadest format, checking that he wears snow boots.

These are just a few scenes chosen so that you can see the differences between the film seen in a conventional cinema and in one of the IMAX type. To compare the two advances head-to-head, they have a video next. Get comfortable and check it out.

Have you noticed any more details that you had not seen the first time? Feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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