Sony says that the Xbox Game Pass is not liked and that it is not good

The CEO of SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment), Jim Ryan, has made a controversial comment during his appearance in the process that confronts Microsoft with the FTC for its interest in buying Activision Blizzard. Sony wants, from the beginning, block that purchase operationand has not hesitated to do anything to achieve it.

As our regular readers will remember, among the most objectionable things that Sony has done is its attempt to position oneself as a victim and as a weak party in a sector that has been leading with an iron fist for years.

He also tried to make regulators see Call of Duty as something much more important than it really is, taking advantage of the popularity of the franchise, and even undervaluing Nintendo, something very curious because in the end he received a good dose of karma when Nintendo Switch outsold PS4, and without having a Call of Duty.

The fact is that Jim Ryan has once again shown that the only thing that matters to him is maintaining the status quo, and that the success of Xbox Game Pass could force them to break that business model in which they have been stuck since they launched the first PlayStation. According to Ryan, he’s talked to all the developers and they’re unanimous in saying they don’t like Game Pass, because it destroys value instead of creating it.

When asked by Microsoft’s lawyer if it was true that he had spoken to all publishers, Ryan backed off slightly, qualifying that he talks to publishers all the time, and that’s a common position that has been held for years. It is curious that something that destroys value is so successful and is so good for userssince they can access dozens of games for a small monthly fee per month.

It’s also contradictory that all publishers are against this business model, according to Ryan, and yet we can find such a large and varied number of games on Xbox Game Pass, including key franchises from publishers as big as EA, Ubisoft and SEGA. It is clear that Sony is interested that the sector does not evolve and that it does not improve to favor the consumer if it “touches his pocket.”

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