SpaceX Raises Starlink Fares Amid Component Shortages

Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service is increasing the price of its monthly subscription, but also of kits containing an antenna, according to a new email sent to customers.

Credit: SpaceX

While Starlink already costs much more than a traditional Internet subscription, this one will see its price increase. SpaceX broke the bad news to its subscribers in an email. The company would have been forced to raise its prices ” due to excessive levels of inflation “. In question, component shortages and rising raw material prices for the entire industry.

The price of the Starlink kit will thus increase from 499 dollars to 549 dollars for those who have already paid a deposit. On their side, new customers will need to pay $599 to get an antenna. Regarding the monthly subscription, this will also increase. The rate will increase from 99 dollars to 110 dollars from April 22.

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Starlink sees its price increase due to inflation

As stated in the email, SpaceX blames price increase on market inflation, a growing problem in the economy in recent months. This news will surely displease some users, and SpaceX reminds that the service can be canceled at any time. Those who return their Starlink equipment within one year of starting their subscription can receive a partial refund of $200.

On its website, SpaceX says that depending on the customer’s location, delivery of orders can take six months or more. In France, the subscription price is currently still set at 99 euros per month, but you will have to spend 634 euros for the antenna and 71 euros for the delivery. As a reminder, Starlink recently reached 120 Mb/s in France, against 90 Mb/s previously.

The American giant has unveiled a new, even faster antenna at 2,500 euros for those who are ready to pay a little more every month, since the subscription goes to 500 dollars per month. Although the price of antennas is very high, it is worth remembering that SpaceX is currently selling its devices at a loss, since these cost much more to produce. Nevertheless, SpaceX intends to eventually manage to reduce the cost of production to around 250 dollars, but this will not happen for at least several years.

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