Squid game becomes target of scams and malware

There is no doubt that The Squid game, the recently released Korean series on Netflix, is enjoying tremendous success both on and off the content platform. And it is that after the great scam that has revealed to be the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency of the series, now false applications have also been detected that they are stealing mobile phone bank details.

Although no official game of The Squid Game has been released yet, Over the past few days we have seen numerous streamers and content creators play different replicas, both on PCs and mobiles, with an increasing number of programmers looking to take advantage of the show’s momentum and fame. Unfortunately, some of these projects have been found to hide malicious code.

Squid Game Squid Game malware game

As the IT researcher Lukas Stefanko of ESET, one of the applications, already withdrawn from the Google Play Store, warned last week, hid a malware with the Trojan virus known as Joker, used to hack users’ mobile phones, guaranteeing almost complete access to their data including applications and bank accounts, using them later to subscribe them without their consent to different SMS payment services.

Unfortunately, in the small amount of time between being published, detected, and deleted, this app had already been downloaded by several thousand people, all of them potential victims of this virus. In addition, although this app is no longer available, we can still find hundreds of other results that refer to these unofficial games of The Squid Game that, according to the experts, could represent the same problem.

As always, for our part we recommend that you use common sense, and try not only to keep your devices safe with a security system, but also to follow your own criteria so as not to fall into these types of threats.

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