SSID or network name and Internet connection: is it a good idea to have it hidden?

The SSID or network name is one of the network concepts that generates the most doubts among users, especially among those with less knowledge and less experience. From a basic perspective, it is, as we have said, the name used for identify our Wi-Fi networkand allows us to differentiate it from the others when we search for networks in a certain area.

That way, when you do a search to connect to your network, it will appear identified with the name it has. That network name is also associated with the password you used, which means that to connect both elements must match. By having the network name visible, you do not need to enter it, you will only have to choose it and type the password, without further ado.

It is certainly the most comfortable way to connect to a network, and represents a clear value in those spaces where there is usually a constant influx of people, but we must take into account that this will reduce the security of our network, and it will do so considerably. The reason is very simple, having the visible network name removes a natural security layer that could reinforce the protection of our Wi-Fi network.

SSID or network name

I will explain it to you in a very simple way. If we have the network name visible, an attacker could identify the network and launch constant attacks to try to connect based on the trial and error method (enter common passwords without stopping until successful). By cons, if we did not have the visible network name that attacker would first have to discover the name of the network to be able to launch attacks, and you must also know the password.

Hiding the network name adds a very valuable layer of security to our Wi-Fi connection in most cases. especially if we live in neighboring communities, since this can facilitate the discovery of passwords and networks by association, as soon as we have dealings with them. As I have told you on previous occasions, I myself suffered the intrusion of a neighbor in my network a few years ago.

So is it a good idea to have the SSID disabled because it improves security?

In most cases, yes, it is.. However, it is important to keep in mind that this method is not perfect, since unfortunately there are free tools and applications that can be used to see hidden networks, something that has considerably reduced the value offered by disabling the network name as a security measure.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows these tools exist, and it is not that its use is really affordable for those who do not have minimal knowledge. In general, I prefer to have it disabled because in the end it represents a clear value against the majority of possible intruders, who have more limited knowledge.

In those environments where there is a large movement of people, or if we receive many visits and frequently, it can be more uncomfortable because if we want to share the Wi-Fi they will have to enter the network name manually. In these cases, it is best to resort to a Wi-Fi network for guests.

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