STATUS_BREAKPOINT: why does this error appear when browsing

What is and why the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error appears

The STATUS_BREAKPOINT error can appear suddenly while browsing Google Chrome. It is one of those failures that will prevent the page we are trying to visit from displaying normally. It would even automatically close other open pages that correspond to the same site.

For example, if that problem appears while we have several RedesZone articles open, not only would it not show the one we just opened, but it would automatically I would close all the pages of that domain that are currently open in Chrome.

Usually this error is occasional and can be solved simply by updating the page. But sometimes it can be persistent and appear very frequently. This means that we must know what it is exactly, why it appears and, most importantly, what to do to solve it.

It should be mentioned that this error is linked to a excessive use from Google Chrome. It happens when we are taking the browser to the extreme, something that could be relative depending on the capacity of our team. Therefore, the causes that we are going to show are linked to what we are commenting on.

Many tabs open

One of the main reasons the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error appears in Google Chrome is having too many pages open at the same time. We have indicated that it is a bug that can appear when too many resources are being consumed and that can happen with the tabs that we have open.

Especially this happens if we have open pages that need a higher use of the processor. For example, websites to play videos, those with a large number of plugins and images, etc. This can make it easier for this error to appear.

Processor at full capacity

On the other hand, it could happen that we are using the processor at maximum. For example, it can happen if we are using programs that require excessive consumption, such as video editing or the like. This could affect the performance of the computer and, more specifically, the capacity of the processor.

Google Chrome can be affected by excessive processor consumption. This leads to glitches like the one we describe in this article. The more processes we have open at the same time, the more probability that a failure of this type will arise.

CPU overclock

If we are doing overclocking on our computer, it can also be reflected in the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error. We have seen that the problems with the processor are directly related, so clearly it is one of the reasons that could be behind.

Many users choose this method to power the computer, but at the same time they are putting the proper functioning of certain applications and system functions at risk.

Extensions that are creating conflict

Do we have too many add-ons installed? Today we can have a wide range of options in this regard. We have many extensions available for the main browsers such as Chrome. However, they can also create problems that affect performance.

Having too many extensions running at the same time is going to consume resources. They could generate conflict in the browser and lead to failures of this type that could prevent a web page from being displayed normally.

How to avoid STATUS_BREAKPOINT error in Chrome

We have explained the main reasons why the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error appears in Google Chrome and does not allow us to access a page. It is something that can persist and be a major problem. For this reason we are going to give some tips to prevent this problem and also that it can be solved in case it has appeared. The most basic will be restart both the browser and the computer, but we are going to see some more recommendations to prevent it from appearing.

Always have the latest version

Something fundamental to prevent any problem is to have the browser with the last version. There are many vulnerabilities that can appear and lead to errors that prevent you from opening web pages or even accessing the network normally.

On the one hand, it should be noted that updating the software will prevent problems. An example is this that we mentioned. But on the other hand, we must also be aware that security problems can arise that can put systems at risk and be the entry point for malware. In Chrome we simply have to go to the menu at the top right (the three points), we go to Help and click on Google Chrome information.

Update Google Chrome

Avoid malware that can damage the browser

Security is a very important factor in getting everything to work well. If we have malware on the computer it could also affect the performance of the processor which, in turn, affects the browser and leads to the STATUS_BREAKPOINT problem. Therefore, another issue to take into account is that we must avoid malicious software.

To avoid malware we must always have security programs. We have a wide range of options at our disposal. Many free and paid tools that can be very useful to prevent attacks of all kinds. There are even extensions for the browser itself that can help too.

Beware of installed plugins

Are we going to install extensions in the browser? We must be careful with the amount of add-ons we add, but also what real use they are going to have. Although many are useful and can help us on a day-to-day basis, the truth is that having a large number installed can also impair the proper functioning.

You have to control the number of extensions that we install in Google Chrome. Again, having a large quantity can lead to errors like the one mentioned in this article, which will prevent web pages from opening normally.

Reduce the number of open tabs

It will also be essential to reduce the amount of pages that we have open at the same time. Each of these tabs will consume processor resources and affect speed and stability. We must control the amount that we are going to have open at any given time.

If we are going to need to have many pages, what we can do is use some type of extension that allows us to organize them. Also create bookmark folders to help us have a general control of those sites to open them at any time.

Do not use programs that maximize the processor

Of course we must also control software that we use on the computer. To avoid the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error, it is essential that the processor works correctly, that it is not saturated with processes and applications that it has to manage.

To achieve this we can reduce the number of applications that are running at the same time. This will especially have to be done if our team does not have high capacity resources. In this way we will ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible and that failures of this type do not appear.

In short, the STATUS_BREAKPOINT bug in Google Chrome is something that can appear on certain occasions and that we must control. It will affect the operation of the browser when opening web pages. Hence, it is essential to correct it as soon as possible.

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