Stop paying Spotify, now YouTube offers you this way to enjoy your music

For many years we have been accompanied by what could be considered the streaming video portal par excellence, Youtube. This is a website that most of us visit almost daily to watch video content on a wide range of topics, whether from our computer or mobile, among other devices.

Many years ago, largely due to its enormous popularity and usage, YouTube was acquired by the giant Google. Almost since its inception it has not stopped growing and improving in terms of its functionality and versatility. Surely many of you already know first-hand that you have the possibility of uploading your own content, even living off visits and their monetization.

Many use this streaming platform to train based on the courses that can be found here, although it can also be used to have a good time entertaining, watch movies or listen to music. In fact, along these same lines we want to focus on this last mode of operation, music, for which Google also tries to make things easier for us here.

Youtube music

And it is that next we are going to talk to you in a way that perhaps you did not know and that will allow you to enjoy the best form of your music on YouTube. It must be taken into account that millions of users use this video-focused platformto enjoy the audio, specifically through the music videos that are published on the platform.

YouTube Music lets you enjoy your favorite music

To give you an idea, here we find a powerful streaming music service based on the popular Google video portal, YouTube Music. As its name suggests, everything we find here and how it works is part of the music we want to hear right now. As with one of its competitors, Spotifywe have the possibility to use this online music service for free, but with ads.

In order to eliminate them and be able to benefit from all the functions and advantages that YouTube Music offers us, we will have to pay for the subscription. The individual plan proposed by the search giant is €9.99 per month. But if we want to save, we can also subscribe to the family plan, to which we can add up to 5 members of our family for a total of 14.99 euros. At this point it is worth knowing that we have a free month without ads to test the subscription mentioned.

youtube music price

How could it be otherwise, in YouTube Music we find multiple functions that allow us to locate the songs we are looking for at that moment. We have at our fingertips all kinds of categories and genres, as well as the corresponding playlists so common on these platforms. We even have a section called Quick Picks that provides us with ideas in the form of radios based on a musical theme that we like.

For all these reasons, it could be considered that this is an alternative series that competes directly with the popular Spotify and that wants to get as many customers as possible.

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