Teacher spanked his students, sat them on his legs and avoided jail thanks to a judge

Outrage in Madrid has been unleashed, because the AProvincial court acquitted of the crime of sexual abuse a teacher who spanked and inserted his hand between the elastic of the skirt and the waist of his underage students, after determining that there was no evidence that these acts were motivated by sexual desire. According to local media, the teacher assures that his touches were only to “be close and get un friendly and relaxed atmosphere”And that was taken out of context.

The teacher taught classes to sixth grade infants between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 at the Madrid educational center. The parents began to pressure that the case be investigated after listening to a conversation from their daughters, in which they referred to him as “tocaculos,” according to the reports.

The Provincial Court of Madrid believes the teacher

The court recognizes that the man “gently patted or kicked the butt, hug them, tell them to lean on their leg when they approach your table, caress their hair, hand, leg, back or tickle them, speak in a low voice very close to their ears, kiss their hands and cheeks or place a finger between them elastic of the skirt and the waist of a student, moving the hand from left to right following the line of the waist ”.

However, he emphasizes that he only did this to “be close to his students and achieve a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom with a certain familiarity and trust”, which is why he should not be tried for a sexual offense.

The parents and the prosecution seek to put him in jail

The Prosecutor’s Office requested four years in prison for a crime of continued sexual abuse and the prohibition of returning to exercise a profession in which it had to do with minors when serving their sentence. The case was based on the testimony of four victims, one of whom reported that the teacher forced them to sit on top of him.

The case has caused much outrage among the people of Madrid, as the teacher acknowledged having touched the students, but assured that the gestures had been “taken out of context.” In addition, the court assured that the testimonies of the parents and the psychologist who treated the minors they have no validity because they did not witness the abuse.

Other reasons that the court alleges for not convicting the teacher are:

  • He never touched on the erogenous parts of the female students
  • Perform these actions in front of other classmates
  • What he whispered in the ears of the students were innocuous phrases
  • The slaps on the ass consisted of a touch “above the clothes, weak and that did not hurt”.

According to the newspaper El País, the judges specified that the gestures made by the teacher can be described as “inappropriate”, but not considered proven to carry them out to satisfy a “sexual urge.”


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