Telegram tests a new “anti spoilers” function

The more instant messaging services like Telegram evolve, the more they look like a social network. Be careful, this is not a criticism far from it, in fact that both types of service have points in common is the most normal thing in the world, because after all the function of both is to facilitate communication between people. Not surprisingly, all social networks have added to their functions one dedicated to more or less private communications between two or more people.

Thus, services “learn” from each other, that is, that they copy functions to each other as if their life depended on it. And this is at least partially true, as a certain function can make a service more attractive to users than the rest. This explains to us, for example, that Telegram is constantly adding new functions, or that after a long period of little activity in this regard, recently WhatsApp has also stepped on the accelerator and has not stopped adding new functions.

Just a few days ago we told you the news with which Telegram says goodbye to 2021, and today we have already been able to know, through a leak published on Reddit, what will be one of the news of Telegram in 2022, a function with which it will be possible to mark the text of a message that we are going to send as a spoiler, so that the person (or people, if it is a group) who receives it have to explicitly select that they want to see it, otherwise it will be shown hidden.

This kind of function, which we can already find in other services such as Discord, allow you to mask the text to, for example, publish a comment about a movie or a series, in which an important aspect of the plot is revealed, a type of information popularly known as a spoiler. This is the reason why, colloquially on the Internet, this type of function that Telegram is testing is often referred to as anti-spoiler protection.

This function, in the case of Telegram, fits perfectly in groups, and its handling is really easy. You just have to select the text, once written, access its editing menu and, from the options that will be displayed, select the one dedicated to hiding the text. The recipients of the same, if they want to see it, they will only have to click on it (with the finger on the smartphone and with the mouse on the PC), and the text will be displayed immediately, but only for the user who has decided to reveal it.

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