The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D is already on sale and it’s 30% more expensive!

The arrival of Zen 4 processors is approaching, but AMD has to compete in any way with Intel and its Core 12 in the meantime, so the great hope of Lisa Su’s is for a processor that was cheap and that as we speculated a month ago will not be such. And it is that after being presented it was missing to reach the stores and once done what we can see is that its price has grown quite a bit, where the 5800X3D one is sold 30% more expensive.

It will be the farewell to the AM4 socket and the Zen 3 architecture and it will do it in style. The speculation we made about the price that the 3D V Cache on AMD processors it was well beyond that $449 MSRP that the company said and it doesn’t seem like we were going too far wrong. The famous Newegg store already has this 5800X3D listed, but logically it is much more expensive than what AMD announces.

The MSRP problem and its end, why is it not useful?

Here a small debate would be generated because it is neither the first nor will it be the last time that the MSRP plays a trick on us. What is the use of setting an official price if later in stores neither the exchange rate nor taxes are respected? Well, you’re welcome, to the point that there are rumors that this index will come to an end and may no longer be used in Zen 4 and Core 13 beyond a symbolic value, for years later to disappear, since it generates frustration among users. buyers.

With this in mind, you have to understand what’s going on with the 5800X3D, and that is that its $449 MSRP has nothing to do with reality. Newegg has encrypted it to a whopping $589or what is the same, nothing less than a 31% more expensivewhere comparatively speaking this at the same time means that it is a 64% above the current price of 5800X that it replaces.

In Europe it has already been seen by €586so the data goes quite hand in hand with that seen across the pond.

The price of the Ryzen 5800X3D makes it less interesting

The problem is that as a gaming processor it is really tremendously fast, to the point that it competes with the i9-12900KS in most games or simply surpasses it. What does this mean? Well, the KS version is offered for about 800 dollars depending on the store, while the K to dry is for the 600 Currently, that is, AM4 is still more attractive as a platform for price and performance compared to Intel in the gaming sector, but the gap has been reduced to practically the minimum expression.

The problem is that although the comparison between these three processors is fair, the reality is that there is another one that is even more attractive due to its performance/price ratio: the i9-12900 to dry.


Not much is said about this CPU but it is tremendously fast, and just by removing the consumption limits, its performance increases so much that it is a better bet than this 5800X3D in gaming with a motherboard of similar quality and with DDR4.

Keep in mind that although the price of this 5800X3D is more expensive than the Intel option, is blocked by AMD itself, while Intel allows power unlocking by BIOS, but also keeps the processor multiplier locked and thus performance increases by allowing the CPU to simply consume more power. Will we see that $449 on the Ryzen 7 5800X3D? Well, most likely not, at least for now, since it will end up touching that value just before the departure of its Ryzen 7000 successors, before adjusting its price to around 500 euros.

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