The Apple Watch Series 6 is on sale at a highly irresistible price

Apple has a multitude of good products in its portfolio, but few arouse as much curiosity as the Apple Watch. The bitten apple smartwatch is one of the most advanced you can buy. It was also the model that brought order and sanity to the sector, as Apple knew how to position its product very well as a device focused on health and sports. The only problem with the Apple Watch is its price. However, today you can get this Apple Watch Series 6 for a really attractive price.

It will not last long: do not miss this Apple Watch Series 6 for less than 300 euros

Every year, Apple usually introduces a new Apple Watch alongside the iPhone. However, the brand usually keeps some of the models from previous years on the market at a lower price. This is very good for users, because not all of us are going to take advantage of all the new features of the latest model. For that reason, buying a model from a year or two ago is not crazy when it comes to the Apple Watch. The brand will continue to support the device for many years to come and we will have all the recent software improvements.

If you have always wanted to have an Apple Watch, but its price is holding you back, today may be your lucky day. The Apple Watch Series 6 (PRODUCT)RED is priced at €299.99, 30% cheaper than usual. It is the variant with a 40-millimeter dial, and with a bracelet for wrists of 120 to 200 millimeters.

It is a quite irresistible offer, because that is the price that the Apple Watch SE usually has, a device with much lower characteristics. Unlike the SE, the Series 6 has a screen always-on-display of 500 nits. As for its sensors, this model has blood oxygen measurement, electrocardiogram and U1 communications chip, features that we would not even remotely see in the SE and that are also present in the Series 7.

What differences are there compared to the Series 7?

Very good question. It is clear that this Series 6 offer far exceeds the SE. But… what about the Series 7?

The differences between the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 are less than they seem at first glance. The Series 7 has a much brighter screen, 850 nits. Its screen is somewhat larger and its frames are much smaller. Its strong point is resistance, since the Series 7 is made with much stronger materials to survive dust and falls.

We have it clear. The Series 6 for that price is a tough deal to beat. Its differences from the Series 7 are very few. If you’ve always wanted to get an Apple Watch, this sale brings it closer to your wrist than ever.

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