The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will launch in September

If the Apple Watch Pro was introduced on September 7 of last year, We can start dating the first rumors and doubts about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 on September 8. Known unofficially, until then, as Apple Watch Pro, the top of the range of Apple smartwatches undoubtedly knew how to live up to the enormous expectations that had been generated during the previous months based on both rumors and leaks, such as Apple’s know-how when it gets down to business.

During the last few months, however, we have not seen as many rumors regarding the future Apple Watch Ultra 2 as regarding other future devices Of the brand. It is true, yes, that it is a device aimed at a very specific user segment, not something aimed in general at the large market. In other words, it is an aspirational watch for many, but that few actually consider acquiring. And not only because of its price, but also because only sports professionals (whether they practice it in competitions or privately) can get the most out of it.

The most notable thing that we have heard during this period is that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will have a larger screen and that it will also mean a change in technology, since it will go from the 1.92-inch LTPO AMOLED screen of the current version to a 2.1-inch micro-LED panel in the first generation relay of the Ultra. This rumor has been repeated several times in recent months, so we can give it some credibility… remembering that at the moment it is just that, a rumor.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will launch in September

The main question regarding the clock has been, since its launch, what calendar Apple considers for it. Will it be renewed annually, every two years, in a more irregular way? Well, according to popular analyst and leaker Mark Gurman in his weekly Power On newsletter, Apple will present and launch the Apple Watch Ultra 2 this yearprobably in September along with the iPhone 15. This coincides with another leak that occurred a few months ago, and which already pointed to the third quarter of this year.

Thus, we can now take it almost for sure (I repeat, in the face of leaks you always have to have certain reservations) that the keynote Apple’s back to school this year will have, as main protagonists, the new generation of iPhone along with the new generation of Apple Watch, and that within this we will see both the Series 9 and the renewals of the SE and the Ultra.

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