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We end another Sunday with a new review of the best content of the week that we have published in MuyPymes during the last seven days. This classic will allow you to get up to date with the most relevant information, and in just a few clicks. As always, we wish you a good Monday.

  • Spending on the hotel industry grew 174% in restaurants and 117% in accommodation.
  • Ecological inks for printers are of organic origin and have a minimum of toxicity.
  • 44% of Spanish SMEs suffered at least one cyberattack during 2021.
  • Inflation already limits the growth of 55% of Spanish companies.
  • Sales of industrial robots and cobots are increasing around the world.
  • Do we need a Windows 12? Microsoft could launch it in 2024.
  • The MacBook Pro with SoC M2 Pro and M2 Max will arrive at the end of the year.
  • More than half of the 2021 business grants have not been executed.
  • 62% of Spanish SMEs adhering to the Global Compact meet objectives.
  • Energy self-consumption: what is it and what does it mean in the bill?
  • Half of retail revenue will be digitally driven by 2024.
  • Premiumguest closes a round of one million euros with large investors.
  • A single hacker could break into more than 90% of companies.
  • Surface Laptop Go 2 now available in Spain.
  • MINISFORUM NUCXI5 and NUCXI7, two small and slim PCs with dedicated GPU.
  • 78% of Spaniards bought, at least once, in a marketplace in the last year.
  • Training is key to retaining talent in SMEs.
  • WD begins supplying 22TB capacity HDDs.
  • Negative reviews? Don’t worry! Learn to manage it.
  • Canon bets on the image analytics sector.
  • PIX NII, a very capable mini PC for 155 euros.
  • The giants of digital payments: similarities, differences and advantages for SMEs.
  • Symptoms that you are not managing your company’s expenses well.
  • Zoom Phone already offers end-to-end encryption.
  • Creative Live! Cam Sync V3, new webcam with QHD resolution.

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