The best download managers for Windows

Downloading files from the Internet, especially large ones or when you want to download several of them at the same time, requires a certain type of application, such as download managers.

Its use allows you to make the most of the performance of the Internet connection you have contracted, whether you have a faster fiber optic connection or an ADSL. Although the acceleration of transfers is their strong point, download managers have other advantages as they allow you to automate transfers, schedule them, resume them and in general better manage and manage content.

Operation and advantages of managers

These types of applications use mirror websites (mirrors) using several connections to the same file to speed up the download or automatically choose between several servers that have the file available, opting for the one that offers better stability and performance.

Another important point is its ability to resume downloads voluntarily paused or interrupted by server or line error without losing the part of the files that had been downloaded up to that moment. Also, it prevents an unfinished download from being corrupted if there is an accidental disconnection.

They also allow automate and schedule downloads or uploads at the time that most interests us, normally outside the working day or at night when the networks are less saturated, in addition to downloading a large number of files at the same time, prioritizing performance over those that most interest us or limiting the download speed so as not to saturate the connection and allow us to use the equipment in functions such as web browsing or others.

Other added advantages of these tools is the management by file type and more precise information on transfer speed and download times. Some of them offer extra functions such as an antivirus to check for malware or a viewer to preview video and audio.

Download Managers for Windows

Although specific plugins for web browsers that we will see later can be used for this matter, nothing better than a dedicated and independent application to do so, while keeping browsers as clean as possible. There are many of them. Here we propose the ones we like the most.

JDownloader. One of the most used especially when we work with direct download services and multiple files. An open source platform written in Java with a lot of plugin to use, such as separation into packages to allow individual downloads to be paused and continued. It has captcha recognition, allowing batch downloads without user intervention. In addition to Windows, it has versions for Linux and Mac. If you use many direct download servers, it is a great reference.

FlashGet. A classic in download managers that has been with us for almost 20 years and that promises to speed up transfers “between 6 and 10 times”. It includes the general features of a download manager including virus checking. You can download from websites, from FTP and even .torrent files, although in this case it is always better to use a dedicated P2P client. To start a download, simply drag the download link into a small window that acts as a minimal interface. Interface that could use an update, although for many it is still the best in the sector. It also has portable application.

Free Download Manager. Another of the good download managers (free alternative to the well-known Internet Download Manager) that can also be used in a portable version on all your Windows devices without the need for installation. Like the previous download managers, it increases the download speed by dividing the file into pieces and connecting from several mirror sites, it allows you to resume and schedule downloads, a video and audio viewer before the download finishes, and much more. It includes the HTML Spider feature that allows you to download entire websites.

EagleGet. Simple and efficient, it promises to increase download speeds up to six times over what a simple direct download from a web browser would take. It is multilanguage, has the ability to pause and resume, day and time programming, integrity checker, malware checker and even a video format converter. It has all the essential functions of this kind of tools. It offers seamless integration with web browsers, remote file download, virus scan download, download scheduling, and has the ability to resume downloads even if you restart your PC or use a different Internet connection.

BitComet. You may know it more as a BitTorrent client, but it also includes support for HTTP and FTP protocols, allowing it to act as a download manager.

Internet Download Accelerator. Also known as IDA, it is a free manager developed by a Ukrainian company called WestByte. It includes support for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols and provides integration for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari web browsers. It has a built-in site manager to save website username and passwords. Users can preview the content of RAR files before downloading it.

Administrators in browsers

As we said above, web browsers can also be used for this task. The managers themselves do not usually have much to offer, but the complements that can be added do. We leave you some of them as an example:

DownThemAll (Firefox). It’s our favorite manager for the Mozilla web browser and one of the absolute best plugins you can find. Its integration with Mozilla is perfect and it even integrates into the Firefox download menu. It is capable of detecting all the media links on a web page (with the corresponding filters), automatically downloading them at high speed and allowing them to be summarized.

Video Download Helper (Firefox and Chrome). Ideal if you are looking for a program for occasional video downloads on the web. It does not work with some Youtube videos as it usually happens with these managers.

Chrono Download Manager (Chrom). Exclusively for the Google browser, it integrates very well with the interface and use of your download system. It includes the “Chrono Sniffer” function that performs the detection of all links, images, audio and video on a web page.

Fruumo Download Manager. (Chrome) Without as much integration as the previous one, it does its job as a manager in the Google browser with an intuitive interface. Very simple, but download, pause and resume downloads like the rest.

EagleGet. Without the power of the installable version, you can integrate it into Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

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