The best Game Pass games optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has entrusted virtually all of its success with the new generation of consoles to its Game Pass model. That monthly subscription that, for about 10 euros, opens the doors to more than 100 games completely free to enjoy them when and how we want. In addition, thanks to the backward compatibility of the machine, it is possible to continue enjoying everything that is saved in the service for the previous generation.

For that reason, we could expect games designed for Xbox One, which do not fully exploit the hardware of the new consoles, but luckily, we will have an identification stamp (X|S) that will show us which of the entire catalog have been retouched to look better in our next-gen. And it’s a bit of a mess because there are times when we don’t know if that signal alerts us to better graphic quality or simply that it will work without problems on the machine.

Be that as it may, we have been searching among all those games that boast a plus of graphic quality and We have selected these five games. In case you didn’t have them on the radar of your Game Pass.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

We are before a great game that has been running from mouth to mouth for its extraordinary story, better staging and really fun gameplay, which mixes elements of infiltration and puzzle solving, lots of dialogue and really engaging mechanics in a medieval world of 14th century France. Its success has caused a new installment to be on the way, A Plague Tale: Requiem.

ForzaHorizon 5

What to say about the king of speed. He came last Christmas and its festival proposal is a complete success. We will be able to drive practically any type of vehicle that you can imagine, within a huge island full of cities, fields, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and whatever they throw at us. A must have of the current generation because right now, there is no other like him.

It Takes Two

Winner of the award for the best video game of 2021 at The Game Awards, it is not necessary to say too much about him. Josef Fares re-starts his cooperative game formula, with two rag characters who, to overcome phases, will have to actively collaborate. Fun like few others and with really original mechanics that will make our heads explode at times.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Last year he turned 10 but his magic hasn’t waned an ounce. It is one of the great role-playing titles in history. recent and an example that other franchises that have arrived since 2011 look at. With this anniversary version, Bethesda took the opportunity to get their hands on the technical aspect and adapt it to the new generation hardware. Do not miss the opportunity to rediscover it again.

Microsoft Fight Simulator

And for the end we leave one of those games that nobody expected to be able to run inside an Xbox Series X | S, since on PC (where it originally arrived) it is a real beast that needs extraordinary hardware to look like God intended. Even so, its optimization for new generation consoles It has been wonderful and does not detract from the original, so if you like to get lost in the skies anywhere in the world, don’t hesitate for a moment. This is your game.

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