The best quality-price MacBook with 200 euros discount

The MacBook Air M1 launched almost a year ago is still one of the most recommended computers for a majority of users. Its price makes it Apple’s cheapest laptop, but it is that now it has even more reduction in its price. If you want to know more, keep reading because it will probably interest you a lot.

A MacBook Air at an insane price

This computer, on sale at Apple since November 2020, has not dropped a penny in its price in the company’s stores. It is already a very balanced team in the quality-price ratio, but it is now possible to buy it even for less money in stores like Amazon.

Here it is offered with very interesting discounts like the ones we tell you below in its versions of 8 GB of RAM, although you should know that they are very changing offers and if you don’t hurry they could vary. At the time of publishing this article, these are your discounts:

  • 256GB storage versions:
    • Any color: 150 euros discount
  • 512GB storage versions:
    • Space gray color: 200 euros discount
    • Silver color: 126 euros discount
    • Golden colour: 100 euros discount

It must be said that they are totally new and original equipment, since they are marketed on Amazon through Apple itself. They offer a return and refund period of at least 30 days in case you regret it, they have immediate stock in most models and all this in compliance with the law by offering 2 years warranty that are covered by Apple during the first and by Amazon during the second.

What is it about this team that makes it special?

If you are looking for the most powerful computer that exists, obviously this is not yours. However, it does not fall short of performance precisely and it is a team more than suitable for a majority of the public. Why? Well, in summary by these highlights:

  • Very portable: The dimensions and weight of this equipment make it one of the most comfortable computers to use anywhere and especially to carry around, since it barely weighs 1.29 kg.
  • Screen: It is worth it that it does not have the most advanced technology in this section, but its 13.3-inch Retina screen is more than enough to see the content well and with a really interesting quality. Its self-adapting brightness makes it look good in any circumstance.

  • Keyboard: After years in which Apple introduced a keyboard called “butterfly” in its notebooks, this one returns to the classic mechanical style of the Magic Keyboard and writing with it is a real delight.
  • Power: the M1 chip is so powerful that even with 8GB of RAM you get great results at the performance level, being somewhat equivalent to the 16GB of Intel chips. It will not be the most advanced rendering 3D images or exporting video, but they are tasks with which it can spare and if heavy tasks are not your main priority, it is a tremendously balanced processor.
  • Battery: precisely the M1 chip is the culprit that this is the laptop with more autonomy from Apple. Withstand intensive work days without losing your hair and if you don’t use it every day or not for many hours, you could forget to charge it for several days.

So, if you were thinking of buying a computer like this, do not hesitate because their discounts are more than appreciable. And considering that its renewal is not expected until mid-2022, it is still a good option, since it does not seem that it will become obsolete for many years.

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