We already know the first Android inspired by the iPhone 13

The design of the iPhone 13, which in turn is very similar to that of the ’12’, is already beginning to create a trend in the market. Although it is true that the sector has become very similar, the history of Apple still makes many companies look at their smartphones today and can serve as inspiration. Here we tell you which are the first two that are already nourished by part of the essence of Apple phones.

Oppo and Meizu also bet on straight edges

At the beginning of September, the Chinese company Oppo presented its new ‘Reno6’ series and precisely the standard model, the OPPO Reno6, it matches in part the design with the iPhone 13. Which, in fairness, it really should be said that they matched the iPhone 12 on the grounds that these were the first to incorporate flat edges and that when the Oppo phone was introduced, the ‘ 13 ‘by Apple were not yet official despite the existence of renders that confirmed their design.

On the other hand we find the MEIZU 18X, another phone of Chinese origin that was also presented in September and whose sides also coincide with those of Apple smartphones. Of course, there are completely different details in terms of colors, front and camera module, which is completely different from the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

meizu 18x

The case of Oppo if it may have some more similarity in the use of similar colors, although not exact, as well as in the fact of showing an encapsulation of glass cameras in which the camera lenses are clearly visible (although the position does not match Apple). In the end, these are two examples that the flat-edged style that did not seem to be in fashion has already begun to be used by some brands, coinciding with the fact that in 2020 Apple returned to this aesthetic.

Other years there have been more obvious “inspirations”

In previous cases we have talked about inspiration and not about copies due to the obvious changes in the rest of the aesthetics that the Oppo and MEIZU phones had with respect to the iPhone. But there have been times when some brands have made almost exact copies of Apple smartphones.

There are several examples, but undoubtedly one of the most prominent is that of the Xiaomi Mi 8. In addition to being aesthetically traced devices, what is most striking is that used identical advertising techniques to Apple’s. Both when displaying the promotional images of the smartphone and in the presentation itself.

Here are a few images that are good proof of how Xiaomi did more than be inspired by Apple.

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