The Boys’ personal album is (almost) as crazy as the series

Last Friday, July 8, 2022, the third season of TheBoyswith an outcome that, broadly speaking, came to proclaim the fiction based on Garth Ennis’s comic as the best series of superheroes today, easily surpassing others such as those of the Disney + or HBO Max platform. This feat is to say the least interesting, especially if we take into account that it is not based on a great story by comic book producers as popular as Marvel or DC, but rather it does so by looking at a small group of heroes (and villains) without much aura. nor greatness.

Blended in with their characters

One of the factors that have catapulted this series to stardom has been its cast, full of big names like Antony Starr, Karl Urban, Giancarlo Esposito or Simon Peggbut without a doubt the detail that has become clear is that they have very good chemistry together, at least if we look at what we have been enjoying in the social media profiles of each of them.

The Boys RRSS.

And it is that nowhere is this fact better reflected than in the official Instagram accounts of the actors responsible for bringing our heroes and villains to life. TheBoys. To give you an idea, during the week and until the premiere days of each chapter, the interpreters have not stopped posting hilarious photos to make the wait more enjoyable for us fans, keeping that thug spirit of the series alive. In fact, these snapshots are so mimicked with the theme of fiction that it gives the impression that, even off camera, the actors continue to behave like the characters they play. Otherwise, Antony Starr’s eagerness to crush heads even to colleagues on the set is not understood.

The Boys RRSS.

We can find from the funny posts of the actress Karen Fukuhara, who plays the lethal and enthusiastic Kimiko in the series, who usually uploads photos of a nature very similar to those of her character, with extreme violence and a smile always on the face. In addition, it is customary to publish these images accompanied by the actor who brings to life our favorite Frenchman, Frenchie. Is it noticeable that they are a couple in the series?

The Boys RRSS.

Karl Urban looks where he shouldn’t

How could it be otherwise, we have Karl Urban also very active on Instagram. He is one of the most beloved actors in the series who plays Billy Butcher. This actor’s posts have a sarcastic auraalso a very remarkable attribute of his character, the killers by excellence. What’s more, some of his posts also include the character of Homelander who, for those who have seen the series, will know that he has a rivalry with him that is as legendary as it is lethal. Undoubtedly an essential couple for the future of TheBoys.

The Boys RRSS.The Boys RRSS.

And speaking of the king of Rome… he looks out the door. We talk about nothing more and nothing less than Anthony Starr, who plays Homelander, the favorite hero/villain of many of the series’ fans. The publications of this actor maintain the sexy side of the character, not missing sensual poses and erotic-festive photos, in addition to others gore, that emphasize that evil that nests in his character.

The Boys RRSS.The Boys RRSS.

As you can see, the personal albums of The Boys actors are not wasted at all. What is your favorite?

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