The CEO of Broadcom clears doubts: this will be the merger with VMware

After the confirmation that Broadcom was going to buy VMware, doubts of all kinds began to arise in VMware and also in the sector, but especially among VMware customers, about what the merger of both companies would be like. This was a few months ago, and finally from Broadcom they have decided to clear up the doubts. Has been its CEO and President, Hock Tanthe fact that answered the main questions that have been emerging in recent weeks, through a post on the company’s blog.

The main doubt and concern of the customers is related to a possible increase in the cost of the products, because when Broadcom bought CA and Symantec, their prices went up. In addition, support was reduced, and investment in innovation stopped. And it is not the first time that it has done so, which is leading many VMware customers to seek an exit plan from the company if the situation repeats itself.

So ensure that the purpose of the merger is not to raise pricesand stresses that «VMware develops technology for the future and addresses a growing market. Broadcom’s business plan for this transaction is intended to focus on the business model, increasing research and development, and working for customers to see the value of the entire portfolio with the innovative product offerings out there, not in raising prices«.

Broadcom’s CEO is going in the same direction when it comes to investing in VMware products and technology. Thus, he points out that “after the transaction closes, we will invest and innovate in VMware products so we can sell even more and better products, and grow VMware’s business within companies by deepening and expanding its footprint, rather than potentially raising prices«.

The manager has also given details about their long-term plans, about what he has stated that his growth «to become a global technology leader was not based on taking existing products and raising their prices, but on creating technology and products that offer clear value to consumers, and on continuing to improve them. We drive growth by offering more and better products, so customers use more products from our entire portfolio, instead of just one or two. By delivering long-term value to customers and investing in improved, customer-focused research and development, we can innovate, scale and deliver better products without raising prices.«.

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