The craziest fan theories about the Star Wars saga

Let’s start with one that, the truth, once you hear it, makes sense. The jedi they look like those warrior monks dedicated to cultivating the light side of the Force … But actually, they wouldn’t be so good if you take a good look at them.

The jedi They are an order that offers “protection” as if they were Tony Soprano and his mob boys, they do not want to hear about political changes and help to crush them, and their practices are… dubious. Children are separated from their families for tough and risky training to swell the ranks of this private army.

In fact, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn put a boy to run in a dangerous race of pods.

Kylo Ren didn’t kill Han Solo

Don’t get us wrong, Han Solo is pretty dead, but some fans think and explain in detail, that it wasn’t Kylo Ren who activated the lightsaber who killed his father.

Who was it then? Han himself that, knowing it was going to happen anyway, she relieves her son of that weight in one last act of love and activates the weapon that pierces him.

The reasons are that you can’t really appreciate who is doing it and the conversation they have is revealing, ending with a “Thank you” (minute 1:28 of the video above) from Kylo Ren.

What is the point of saying that if it is not that his father has lightened that burden, some think? Also, everyone knows that Han shot first and here, maybe, he has done it again.

ET aliens are part of the galactic senate

George Lucas thought that the best approach for the prequel was to indulge us with lengthy deliberations and essays on the internal politics of the Republic. In one of those scenes, inside the huge galactic senate, some fans swear that the aliens from the movie ET are part of him and can be seen clearly.

Truth or madness? You can decide yourself taking a look at the video that we have put a little higher (second 17, bottom left).

Jar Jar Binks is the villain of the saga

The only thing that fans of Star wars they agree is that Jar Jar Binks is the worst of the saga. And apart from the worst, many fans they think he’s the bad guy too.

What if he is Snoke, what if he is a lord sith… Everyone wants to hang Jar Jar Binks reasons why he too ends up hanging somewhere. Some fans make thoughtful explanations like the one in the video above, about how their participation in the battle of the first movie of the prequels, for example, is an example of his mastery of force.

If you understand English, you have 15 minutes and not much appreciation for your sanity, you can always see if the arguments convince you.

As you will see, the saga Star wars It has gone a long way and, looking at it, some of these crazy fan theories haven’t been as bizarre as certain twists in the movies.

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