The cross-play of FIFA 23 will not be to everyone’s taste, and that?

Play against everyone and against everything

Although this saga has always been criticized for not including too many innovations from one installment to another, FIFA 23 it seems that it will break this curse, curiously, just when the agreement with the body that governs world football is finished since For the 23/24 season, the Electronic Arts game will be called EA Sports FC.

Although we assume that you all know what the cross play, still we will explain it just in case. Imagine that three friends buy this FIFA 23 but one prefers the PS5 version, another the Xbox Series X version and the third the PC version. As wellif the Electronic Arts game comes with cross playthe three will be able to face each other in online matches between them even though they are doing it from apparently independent consoles or platforms.

Cross-play with limitations

FIFA Cross Play

The point is that in the newly announced FIFA 23 this function will be implemented for the first time, although all that glitters is not gold as there will be some nuances (and they are precisely the ones that have angered fans). And it is that, to begin with, there will be two types of servers: those that connect PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Stadia and PC, and those linked to the old-gen of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so if you want to play with friends who do not have a PS5 like you, but have a PS4, you will not be able to face each other. A chore!

Also, the good thing about this decision by EA Sports is that will be available in numerous game modes, among which we find: FUT Division Rivals, FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online, FUT Play a Friend, Online and Online Season. In all of them we can enjoy that cross play as long as we respect those limitations because of the servers and they are not cooperative modes. This last detail is what forces the Pro Clubs mode to be left out, so you will not be able to play with your character and your friends on different platforms.

FIFA 23.

And since we are with FIFA 23 and everything new that it brings, too it has been confirmed that this function will be activated by defaultalthough it can be turned off manually if you don’t want the hassle of seeing other PlayStation, Stadia, Xbox or PC players queuing to play matches.

Finally, EA has announced a new service called EA Social, which will serve as a tool to facilitate the search for friends from one console to another. And it gives us that it will be very helpful for new players, right?

And you? What do you think about the news that will include FIFA 23? You like that cross play what have they designed?

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