The curious function of the iPhone that could be a new product

WWDC 2023 is giving a lot to talk about, and it’s no wonder because Apple certainly presented a lot of things, both at the software and hardware level. However, one of the novelties of iOS 17, which is software, may be closely linked to upcoming hardware, that is, to a new product that Apple could present in the future. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The event that Apple held last Monday has not left anyone indifferent, especially since the presentation of the famous glasses, which have finally been called Apple Vision Pro has left most of the public completely speechless, taking all the attention and looks. However, while obviously less relevant, other features that were taught for new operating systems are also important, both for what they offer and for what they might make you think.

vision pro gesturesThe truth is that iOS 17 will not go down in history for being the most revolutionary operating system of the world, but it does have small details that are very interesting. One of these is the function that Apple has called stand byand which is that when users leave their iPhone charging horizontally on a base, it will take advantage of the always-on screen to display information in the form of widgets, which the user can also choose at any time, and this of course reminds us much to a product that has been rumored for a while.

The Stand By function could be the preview of a new HomePod

When Apple introduced the second generation HomePod, a large part of the public was completely surprised by what they saw, which was a first-generation HomePod but somewhat smaller and, obviously, renewed inside. This surprise was also caused by the expectation and rumors that had been raised that this new HomePod was going to have a screen that was going to provide information about home, time, weather and of course, the music playing on Apple’s own smart speakers.

Well, that is exactly what Apple has done with the function stand by of iOS 17, give you the information that this HomePod was expected to have, which obviously has not arrived. Now, the question we ask is the following, is Apple testing a possible new product with this function? The reality is that, of course, this is very similar to what could come in this “new” HomePod that is still being talked about, although with less intensity, since the forecasts do not predict a launch of this type in a short space of time. of time. Now, of course, it would be very interesting how Apple could carry out a HomePod that had this functionality and that, in turn, could be the epicenter of all home automation, with information related to HomeKit and, of course, with other widgets that could also use the information that other Apple devices share in iCloud.

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