the end of account sharing causes the number of subscribers to soar

Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is still in its infancy, but it appears to be having the effect the broadcaster intended: a significant increase in its subscriber base.

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Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up for a new Netflix subscription ever since the streaming giant started charging extra fees to people whose accounts include other users, according to stats collected by Antenna. According to the analyst, Netflix experienced ” the four largest US user acquisition days since Antenna began recording subscriptions to the service four and a half years ago.

Based on the most recent data available, Netflix saw nearly 100,000 daily sign-ups on May 26-27 Antenna said in a statement. ” These numbers exceed the enrollment spikes Antenna saw during the first COVID-19-related lockdowns in the United States in March and April 2020. “.

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Netflix sees its number of subscribers explode thanks to the end of account sharing

According to data shared by Antenna, thehe average number of daily registrations reached 73,000 for a few days after restrictions on account sharing are in place, either an increase of 102% compared to the average of the previous 60 days from Netflix.

Although Netflix has warned investors of a “cancellation backlash” that could occur in response to this change, Antenna says there have been more sign-ups than cancellations over the period that she followed. Netflix therefore in no way feared the dissatisfaction of some of its users.the giant having already found in other markets (such as Canada) that its number of subscribers had soared after the implementation of the new policy.

Netflix’s stock was hit last year by posting its first loss of subscribers in a decade, but has since recovered thanks to the introduction of password sharing guidelines and the ad-supported streaming. The stock hit its highest level in 52 weeks on Friday and rose by more than 40% since the same period last year.

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