the famous “Dis Siri” bids us farewell, a simple “Siri” is enough

Say goodbye to the traditional “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri”. With iOS 17, it will no longer be necessary to use two terms to challenge the voice assistant: a simple “Siri” will be enough to trigger the application on your iPhone.

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“Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri”… If you’re an iPhone user, how many times have you said these terms? That era is now over. Don’t shed a tear: for the sake of simplicity, Apple has just announced from its WWDC 2023 that it will no longer be necessary to pronounce the two terms.

With the arrival of iOS 17, Apple continues to pull out all the stops. But among all the new features that are about to land in the iPhone operating system, there is one that should have its small effect: the expression “Hey Siri” will be replaced by a simple “Siri”.

To activate the iPhone voice assistant, just say “Siri”

It’s a very small change that is being made, but it marks the end of an era. The “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri” commands will soon disappear. After more than 12 years of existence, the two commands will soon be a distant memory. Certainly, you can always use them to challenge the voice assistant of the iPhone. But you’ll soon be able to simply use the “Siri” command to talk to your iPhone’s assistant.

The “Siri” voice command will appear on the next version of iOS 17. A first beta of the operating system is expected for July 2023. The final version of the OS is expected for September 2023.

Remember that on the Android side, you should always use the voice command “OK Google” to challenge the assistant. And it is hard to imagine that it is shortened to its simplest expression (without the “OK”, therefore), as the term Google is now used on a daily basis. Note, however, that Google Assistant can sometimes do without an OK Google and interpret certain voice commands, without questioning. Same thing for Celia, Huawei’s assistant. As for Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant, it’s already ancient history: the tool, launched with fanfare with Windows 8, has become more and more discreet over the editions of Windows… So much so that Cortana should be gone by the end of 2023.

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