The first three librigames of the Trivio Series land on Kickstarter

It recently landed on Kickstarter the new project of the Trivio necklace, editorial line of Barone Games, which launched its first three librigames: The Claw on fire (Stefania Ricco), Echo 931 (Alberto Tronchi) and The city that laughs (Viviana de Simone).

The crowdfunding campaign started on September 30th (and several stretch goals have already been unlocked!) And you can take a preview look at the three volumes by downloading the Quickstart free already available for download.

L’Artiglio in Fiamme, Echo 931 and The Laughing City of the Trivio Series are on Kickstarter

The Trivio Series was born from the desire of a team of fans of the genre to give light to one editorial series who only dealt with librigames. The project has evolved leading to the creation of not one but three librigames by different genres, written by three authors and with original and different regulations for each work.

The Artiglio in flames, by Stefania Ricco, is a fantasy that will take you into a world of Heroes who fight against a wild and cruel Nature. Echo 931, by Alberto Tronchi, is a Sci-Fi that promises spaceships and an alien world to discover. The Laughing City, by Viviana De Simone, will allow you to face the first night of a very special Zombie Apocalypse in your own way.

The Kickstarter is very rich and with different options: you will have the possibility to finance the books in electronic format, in paperback, the Compendium, cups And pencils officers, maps and also a notebook in a7 format with cards to play the adventures of the three librigames. In short, there is something for everyone!

The books, proposed in paperback format, both in paperback and in hardcover, will have the illustrations by Emiliano Castellano, Samuele Zardinoni, Fabio Porfidia and Davide Molino. In addition, among the guest stars who will enrich the Kickstarter Rewards are Gabriele The Leprechaun Stazi and Lorenzo Folco Costa of FluidForge, who will produce exclusive pieces in leather and metal.

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