the gaming monitor you dream of in your setup

Whether for work or play, one of the most important things we connect to our computer is the display. This means that the choice of this important component is something that we must carefully assess. Hence, now we are going to talk about this more than interesting model and also at a very low price.

When we refer to the screen with which we are going to spend many hours throughout the day, we are talking about an element in which we may be interested in investing a little more money. This monitor is going to take care of our eyesight and offer us the best image that comes out of our computer. Hence, the quality offered by this monitor is key in the setup general that we have.

Next, we are going to talk about a excellent screen in which you can save up to 80 euros right now thanks to the offer proposed by the giant Amazon. To begin with and in order to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, say that it is a 27 inch curved monitor Of the brand BenQ. Therefore, initially we are guaranteed a device with these characteristics of high performance and reliability. It can be an exclusive part of our setup if we are planning to set up a team to play the latest titles.

Of course, we recommend you take advantage of the offer available right now in case you are thinking of purchasing a monitor of this type. The main reason for this is that these offers that Amazon offers us are usually limited in time or in product availability.

This offers you the discounted BenQ monitor on Amazon

To all that has been said so far we have to add that this screen from the BenQ firm offers us a 165Hz refresh rate. and 1 ms. MPRT or moving picture response time. Precisely for all this, it can become an essential element when it comes to fully enjoying our games. The maximum supported resolution is 1920×1080that is, we are facing a Full HD monitor.

monitor benq

And speaking of a model, it is actually the BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710S which also features two integrated 2.5-watt speakers. Delving a little deeper into the audio section that this screen offers us, say that it presents 3 preset modes to adjust the sound to the circumstances that most interest us. Well, once we know all this, it is important to keep in mind that right now we can buy this monitor for 199 euros.

Actually, this price represents a savings of 80 euros compared to the original cost at which we usually find this device on Amazon. Therefore, we could say that we are facing an excellent opportunity to acquire a high-quality screen with good response for our gaming setup.

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