The Italian home linen startup, Dalfilo, arrives in Spain

Matteo Bertasa and Davide Trabucchico-founders of Dalfilo, have been included by Forbes Italy between the 100 new personalities who are changing the economy with their ideas. In this way, the home textile industry sector has two names that enter the under 30 ranking prepared by the prestigious magazine.

The two partners were awarded in the retail & ecommerce category, precisely by virtue of the objectives achieved and the values ​​of which Dalfilo -an innovative startup that revolutionizes the household linen industrymaking high-quality artisan and Italian products available to everyone- is a bearer.

«We feel honored with this recognition, it certifies that the work carried out so far is giving concrete results and today also recognized by an important international magazine such as Forbes»declare the founders.

Much of the credit for this milestone, as well as all those achieved so far, is due to the manufacturing excellence which makes it possible to maintain high quality standards in a sector in which too often it is preferred to transfer production abroad. Italy has great industrial wealth, know-how and tradition that are envied throughout the world, and should not be lost.

He disruptive model on which Dalfilo is based consists of the elimination of all intermediaries that suppose an increase in costs on the final product, guaranteeing the user a high quality product that arrives directly from the store to his home.

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Reactivation of artisans in the Covid era

The numbers proved Davide and Matteo right, who in the Covid era created a reality capable of reactivate the artisans of Val Galdino (Bergamo), paralyzed by the lack of orders from the hotel sector, the main clients of the high-quality textile industry, and in the first year they managed to generate one million euros in transactions without losing control of operations and logistics. In the meantime, they have created a team full of talents capable of telling the beauty of Italy, combining storytelling and marketing with a data-driven approach.

In 2022 the expansion at the European level begins with the opening of the German market, and 2023 is the year of Spain. Also in 2022, Dalfilo tripled its turnover with a growth in terms of units sold of 220% compared to the previous year. The goal for 2023 is to triple turnover again and achieve the creation of a team of 50 talents.

Regarding the Spanish market, the company’s goal is to sell 10,000 items in the first 12 months, betting mainly on the line of bedding, especially the 300-thread-count satin. In addition, there is a lot of interest from Dalfilo in boosting its presence in the retail channel. To grow in the market, it seeks to expand its workforce with a Country Manager, a Retail Manager and a Customer Service Executive.

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