The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set is here!

Sega is teaming up with the LEGO brand to offer us this Sonic the Hedgehog set, perfectly recreating Green Hill Zone. A guaranteed return to childhood.

LEGOs, these colorful little bricks that can build anything and everything, appeal to children and adults alike. Did you like the Super Mario set or the set? Friends, so you might love the new Sonic set, in honor of the eponymous blue hedgehog. This is already available on the LEGO site.

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Complete the first level, in every sense of the word

It features the hedgehog in the middle of Green Hill Zone, the very first level of the video game. Sonic. It is recognized by its green valleys, its enemies and its characteristic looping. In total, there are 1125 parts that you will have to assemble, one by one, to obtain this splendid result. As a bonus, you can bring it to life with figures representing Sonic, Dr. Eggman and even the Eggmobile. The perfect outfit for the 1990s gamer.

Those who want to push the world of video games even further can even integrate a few rings to collect, the emeralds of chaos or even use the integrated spring for ultra-loyal coupons. To do this, all you need to do is pull the lever provided to activate the spring mechanism. Nothing could be simpler when you have the instructions to help.

From the moment you build it, you have to decide whether you are going to play with your work, or display it as a decorative object. If you choose the second option, be aware that the main structure is 17cm high and 36cm wide, as well as 6cm deep. Of course, needless to say that this particular set is the product of a LEGO Ideas. So that means that it was created by a fan, for the fans, if you are a part of it you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Pricing and availability

The and Sonic the hedgehog is already available for € 69.99 on the LEGO site since 1er January.

Order this LEGO set

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