The Mandalorian Expands Their Funkos With Luke Skywalker, Grogu And More

Season 2 of The Mandalorian

Disney was so sure of the success of its new series that when it recorded the first installment of The Mandalorian, took advantage and also shot the second. In this way, once he verified the good reception that this great spin-offHe just had to wait patiently with his footage in the bedroom to delight us all with a new string of episodes just as entertaining as the first installment.

That moment arrived (almost a year ago), thus giving us a very entertaining season in which we could enjoy new characters, situations and especially an apparition final, with a young Luke Skywalker, who had been talking about for weeks.

Precisely to remember all that, now Disney together with Lucasfilm (which is your property, remember) has decided to expand the collection of Funkos of the series, with the addition of new figures in honor of several characters and key moments of the season. Look at them.

New Funkos for the collection

The first to receive not one but two figures is Marshall. The one in charge of wearing the armor of Boba fett appears in one with her and in another without the helmet (This second in limited edition, be careful, it will be sent randomly among those who order the first) to the delight of fans of the character.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

The mercenary Fennec shand It also now has its Funko. If you liked this character, know that you will see her again soon: she will appear in the expected The Book of Boba Fett.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

A joint Marshall and Fennec figure has been announced, by the way. Even the distributors do not have the official image, yes, so you have to keep waiting to find out how they will look together.

The expansion of Funkos also has our beloved Hologram-style controller able to light up in the dark.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

Another figure that glows in the dark is this Dark Trooper taking Grogu.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

And speaking of Baby yoda. The little one has a new Funko where we can see him concentrated on his rock while he learns to use the Force.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

If you have to stay with a single figure, yes, here we have it clear: our new favorite Funko is this one Luke Skywalker with Grogu in your hands. The image immortalizes the moment of the season (or the entire series, go) in which the Jedi appears to take Baby Yoda and teach him everything he needs to know about the Force.

Funko The Mandalorian 2

The vast majority of announced Funkos will be available at January of 2022, With the exception of the Marshall, who will be able to order in December of this year.

What is your favorite Funko? Are you going to hunt any of them?

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