The new iMac has already dropped in price (and the rest of the Mac M1)

If you want to get one of the brand new 24-inch iMac Apple, it’s probably a great time to have now lowered its price on Amazon. Although the best of all is that the rest of computers with an M1 chip designed by the company itself, also have discounts. Here we tell you everything you need to know about these prices and their guarantees.

2-year warranty (and with Apple)

In the Apple Store, the Californian company continues to maintain the same prices on its equipment and it is that it does not usually lower them until its successors arrive. However, Amazon usually offers them with discounts and the truth is that it is interesting, since it is through Apple itself that it markets them. Therefore you can enjoy 2 years warranty, the first being managed by Apple and the second by Amazon. All this with the possibility of returning them in 30 days if they do not satisfy you, obtaining a full refund.

Discount of almost 100 euros on the iMac 2021

This has been one of Apple’s most anticipated computers, since it has been redesigned aesthetically with a new much slimmer body and with a front panel that goes from 21.5 to 24 inches with a resolution 4.5K. All with a chip M1 that will undoubtedly delight those looking for excellent performance in all facets, from the most everyday actions to the heaviest ones such as video editing.

This computer is available on Amazon with discounts of 95 euros, although not in all its storage versions and colors. The 256 GB and 512 GB are offered, although you should also check that they have stock. Although they are not absolutely crazy discounts, it is interesting to see them when the equipment has been on the market for such a short time and Apple itself continues to sell it at a higher price.

imac m1 review

Mac mini and MacBook M1 also on sale

The above is not the only Apple computer with an ARM chip that we find on sale, since the rest of the computers in this range are now at a discount and with identical guarantees. In this way we can find the following discounts:

  • Mac mini (M1 with 8GB RAM)
    • 512 GB SSD: 100 euros discount
    • 256 GB SSD: 65 euros discount

New Mac mini 2020

  • MacBook Air (M1 with 8GB RAM)
    • 256 GB SSD: 171 euros discount
    • 512 GB SSD: 150 euros discount

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

  • MacBook Pro (M1 with 8GB RAM):
    • 256 GB SSD: 250 euros discount
    • 512 GB SSD: 176 euros discount

MacBook Air M1 review

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