The new liquid labor model has no turning back

We’ve been talking about it for a little over two years telework, hybrid work or work flexibility. The reality is that there are so many companies that have realized that the new accelerated labor model (not imposed) by the pandemic has no turning back, as well as those that have decided to reverse certain trends (not concessions) that seem irreversible. Even if they don’t want to know yet.

While some companies return to the office to meet a schedule behind four walls with no other reason than to “create teams”, others are betting on a revolution that will soon become the most common. A revolution in which Acer will have a special role, providing two important value proposals that will promote the large-scale implementation of offices in the cloud as part of a new liquid labor model in which the center is not the office, but the worker.

On the one hand, we have launched a proposal Acer DaaS (Device as a Service), which deals with providing companies with state-of-the-art devices adapted to their needs. It is not a slogan, but reality: computers meet cybersecurity needs, their configuration in their own cloud based on those of Amazon, Google or Microsoft, and the necessary technical requirements so that employees can carry out their daily work. We believe that the success of this new cloud office model will lie in technology as the backbone of a new organization, and at Acer we want to support companies with a service that evolves the usual device rental model to create a new concept that comprehensively develops the demands of each client.

This new labor model is characterized, precisely, by for that absolute protagonism of people. What matters here is not where each worker is or at what time the card is swiped to sign in, but rather that they fulfill their tasks and objectives autonomously. Each person is a piece of a puzzle, with an individual function that, in turn, is related to and affected by the functions of other pieces (that is, people). All this, in a model that enhances the capabilities of each employee because it adapts to their idiosyncrasies, without pretending that all people behave like automatons.

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For this model to work, it is not only necessary to change mentality, but also to have the appropriate technology, converted into the vehicle that allows this reality. In fact, the new office is not a room, but an incorporeal entity hosted in the cloud. There a platform, or a set of them, replace the traditional meeting rooms, desks, receptions or offices. every worker you have access to all of this from your devicebe it a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. The new dynamic consists of connecting to that cloud, from anywhere in the world and at any time, in order to work. Exactly what has been done for almost a century from an office.

But there are also challenges, and one is the abyss between the possibilities of large companies and smaller ones. For this reason, and so that the virtual office can reach companies of all sizes as soon as possible, Acer has launched the Acer Smart Financing Program which offers its customers the option to renew and update their Acer products after each cycle, so that they always have access to the latest Acer technology with 0% interest. A model that lends itself to new workers having the right tools to leave the office and settle wherever they want. And it is that the important thing is no longer how much time is spent in a certain place, but that the time that each person dedicates to their daily tasks is optimized so that productivity begins to be measured, finally, on the objectives achieved, and not on the hours invested.

Oscar Visuna

A new liquid model, asynchronous, fully digitized, absolutely flexible and much more efficient than the traditional one. That is where we want to be to support our partners in a radical and unstoppable transformation that will bring, I predict, great benefits to all parties. We will see it for years to come.

Óscar Visuña, Commercial Sales Manager Acer Computer Ibérica.

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